The 7 Mental Laws of Success and the 7 Keys to Unlocking Them

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The 7 Mental Laws of Success and the 7 Keys to Unlocking Them

Listed below are the seven mental laws that will bring anyone that follows them all the success they desire. Is it that simple? Simple maybe, easy, maybe not. But anything worth having is worth applying some effort to attain. I hope you are able to use these truths to better your life and the lives of those around you. Books and books have been written concerning these laws and you can find some of most powerful ones ever written on the subject

The Law of Control

You feel good about yourself to the extent that you feel in control of your life. When you are working toward a goal that you feel good about and for which you have made a conscious decision to target, your actions support your feelings of being in control of your destiny.

The Law of Cause and Effect

For every effect in your life, there is a definite or specific cause. Change the cause and get rid of the effect.

The Law of Belief

Whatever you believe with feeling, becomes your reality. Whatever your belief system supports is what you become. If you believe with feeling that you will be a success, you will be. The same with failure.

The Law of Expectations

Whatever you “expect” with confidence becomes your self fulfilling prophecy. Not what you want, but what you expect!

Law of Attraction

You are a living magnet and attract whatever is in alignment with your dominant thoughts. Like attracts like and when you are clear about what you want to attract, you will. When you couple your desire with the intensity of feeling that comes with why you want the things you want, it will come.

Law of Correspondence

Your outer world corresponds to your inner world. You must be, rather than do! You cannot have a filthy car, wrinkled clothes and smell while convincing yourself and those around you that what is going on the inside is congruent with your stated desire to be the epitome of outward success.

Law of Mental Equivalency

Your thoughts, vividly imagined and repeated, while charged with emotion become your reality. You create the mental equivalent to what you want and everything else will follow.

What are the keys to making the Seven Mental Laws of Success work?

The first is….


Attitude will overcome any obstacle. Attitude will change anyone that uses it and will create an advantage over any other person that doesn’t have the same burning desire and positive attitude. Having an attitude of confidence and of positive expectations will win over superior abilities but poor attitude every time. But, how do you find that positive and unstoppable attitude?


Remember, it is not what you want, it is what you expect! Do you expect to find a parking spot close to the door, do you expect to make a putt, do you expect to close a sale or do you expect to be broke, depressed and to never win? What you expect, with intensity of feeling, is what you get. What causes you to have the expectations you have?


If you believe, with all your heart and soul that you will never quit or give up until you reach your goal, you will. If you believe that you have the talent, worthiness and what it takes to achieve what you have set out to achieve, you will. If you believe there is no way you will attain the things you want and that they are only dreams, then that is what they will remain: Dreams. So how do you come to have your beliefs?

Self Concept

What you have been told either directly or indirectly by those that helped to shape you, and what you have chosen to believe about what they told you about yourself, is what you are using to determine who you are. You have a self concept about your weight, your golf game, your singing voice, your income and all the different abilities in each and every area of your life. In other words, you believe you are capable of making changes, of becoming successful, of being highly respected, of being what ever it is you have become.

And the one key element necessary to create the best possible self concept is to love yourself. And loving yourself is not narcissistic self adulation bordering on the unhealthy. It is and has been a part of the wisdoms passed down through the ages. Two thousand years ago it was said to “love your neighbor as you love yourself”. Can you hate yourself and love your neighbor? Of course not.

Try this: Stand in front of a mirror and say fifty to one hundred times, “I like myself” and not smile. You can’t do it. Over and over tell yourself that you simply like you. That is a start and a big one.

The single most powerful way to implement all of the Seven Mental Laws of Success are to control your thoughts, which lead to feelings, which lead to having whatever it is that you want and truly expect.

So, how do you direct and focus your thinking to create positive outcomes that benefit yourself and others, that allow you to become all that you want to be, that lead to you taking total and complete responsibility for your life?

Just as you cannot know where you are going without knowing where you want to go, you cannot begin to empower your brain with the rich and bountiful food it wants and needs to take you to where you want to go unless you provide it with the tools to create the life you want.

Here are the Seven Ways to Create Positive Thinking and Feelings In Your Life


See the way you want your life to be without focusing on what you don’t want. When you say that want to see your life as no longer being broke, what is the focus? But, when you say you see your life as having a full bank account because you now use your talents in a fun, fulfilling and very profitable manner to better the lives of many people, you have a totally different focus.

In your mind’s eye, see your life as you truly want it to be. See it frequently, with vividness, intensity and for a long duration.


Use positive, present tense and personal statements and say them out loud. Say them when you are in a relaxed state so that your subconscious mind will here them. Say them first thing in the morning and the last thing at night. Say things like, “I make $ X a year, month, week.”, or “I am happy, content and satisfied with my goals.”


Write down on index cards and say out loud what you want for your life, what you have visualized, what you truly desire out of life. What you think is the best possible life you could dream of having. Say it out loud as you drive, say it in the mornings, say it with passion, desire and an expectation that it will happen, and then it will.

Act the Part

Keep your behavior consistent with you desires. You cannot be convinced you will be a major success and have it all if you lay under the dirty clothes in the floor of your closet all day. Act like you have already achieved all that you desire because it will not come to you if you are not ready to wear the coat of your desires comfortably.

Feed Your Mind

Listen to tapes as you drive. Read books, attend lectures, target specialized knowledge to acquire in any form you can find it. Do whatever it takes to continue to learn and grow and fill your whole being with positive personal growth oriented information.

Associate with Positive People

If you truly become energized by your desires to better yourself, your family and your position in life; if you truly begin to do what it takes to define your desires and work toward achieving them, you will outgrow those around you that refuse to share and uplift you in your journey. You will be drawn to those that are consistent in their determination to become all that God has intended for them and you will ultimately remove yourself from those that don’t. Being aware of it as soon as possible will only help.

Teach Others

You become what you teach and you teach what you are. Besides, once you have the knowledge, skills and energy that comes from self empowerment, direction and motivation you will want to share the good and positive way of life you know is available to all that choose to seek it.

What this all leads to is that we are personally responsible for everything we create in our lives and the sooner we are willing to accept this, the sooner we become the unstoppable force to create the life, loves and abundance we choose.

The fuel to The 7 Mental Laws of Success and The 7 Keys to Unlocking Them is contained in one word: Goals.

Creating goals that are congruent with your intent, are in the area of your own personal excellence and which utilize your individual and special talents, that are in balance with all areas of your life and reinforce your Major Purpose in life will fuel success, abundance, joy to all things you desire and even to those things you haven’t yet dared to dream.

The 7 Mental Laws of Success and The 7 Keys to Unlocking Them are the secrets to having anything you want in life. Anything. Follow these mental laws and continue to learn, develop and add to your understanding of them and you will truly have whatever you want out of life.

You can put these laws into action by determining what you want to achieve, and by creating the goals, verbalizations, visualizations and every other key to unlocking them. For the complete guide to get started making your goals come true, get the “The Step by Step Action Guide to Mastering the Seven Mental Laws of Success” now at Go pick up a copy and have the life you want.

Pat Hicks lives in Dallas, Texas with his wife and two kids. He works from his home and has learned to enjoy life to it’s fullest. His web site is:

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