The 6 Week Extreme Life Makeover

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The 6 Week Extreme Life Makeover

There are a lot of people in this world that seems to have every and anything in life without seemingly much effort.  These people does not necessarily have higher education or superior intelligence nor work extraordinary hard yet still attract life’s good fortune.  According to The 6 Week Extreme Life Makeover most of these people don’t even know what lies behind their seemingly good fortune yet all of these people have one secret in common.  This secret is claimed to be something called “The Law of Attraction”.


It is said that The Law of Attraction is based on the laws of Quantum Physics and what The 6 Week Extreme Life Makeover E-Course is all about is to teach how to apply these laws in order to create the life that every person dreams of.  It is claimed that these laws can be applied by any person regardless of age, religion, state of wealth or race.  In fact it is said that the law of attraction is actually shaping every person’s life right at this moment.  This is because it is claimed that everything in the Universe is composed of energy and that all forms of matter and energy are attracted to vibration that’s alike.


Jeff Chambers is the master mind behind The 6 Week Extreme Life Makeover E-Course.  In essence Jeff believes that things just don’t happen in life but that we as people actually attracts whatever happens.  What lead Jeff into developing this E-Course was simply his desire and dream to be totally free.  In testing his system his life underwent a complete makeover in just 6 weeks hence the title of the course.  Jeff also believes that although the law of attraction already exists in all people the reason why most people do not understand this powerful force is because it is used in a negative sense focussing on things people don’t want rather than on what people should want.  In essence the course does not provide explanations about the law of attraction but rather serves as a step by step guide in applying these powerful forces.


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