Pursuant to U.S. Federal Regulations and Full Disclosure about Advertising.

From now on you can’t just quote the happiest and most successful testimonials; you have to disclose how “everybody” does and what “average” is.

I happily confess that when I am more than happy to post emails, audio and or videos with glowing success stories. I do ask for permission to use them to post them on my website.

While we have people who have achieved the greatest results we also have those who have failed to achieve any success.

I do not know what the “average result” is. But here’s our best reasonable estimate based on the 80/20 rule

In the interest of full disclosure, here is the entire spectrum of my own customers’ success and failure – from bottom to top:

-The bottom 20% do NOTHING. Like, join our team, buy the products and/or services and they do nothing with what they got. They do not listen to the materials nor do they work to apply the concepts and strategies found therein. As a result, they do not benefit from any of it. Some of them may stash in under their beds, basement or use it as decoration in hopes that some of its contents will magically leak into their brains. The number of people who do NOTHING may be more than 20%. It may be 50%.

-60% do little. Maybe listen to a little bit, maybe skim through, maybe pick up some pointers and work their business for one or 2 months. They do the basics at the beginning and get their business started and see some success, but they get distracted, make excuses, get discouraged and eventually quit to move on to the next golden opportunity. These people get some benefit, but not all.

That, I believe, is what the TYPICAL customer gets.

-The top 20%. This is the group of people who really takes the education process and their business seriously. 20% of my business partners read, learn, and apply.

-10% make it a habit. They are always striving to grow their businesses and improve their online marketing and communication skills and they have dozens of qualified prospects that interested the business. Over a period of months they begin to see significant consistency in their business and massive results.

-10% are truly students of the process. They do all of the above but in addition they truly attempt to get “inside the mind of their customer.” They develop different landing pages for different product offerings; they split test items on their website; they build lead generation and nurturing systems for people who aren’t ready to buy yet. They track conversions.

(More disclosure: just because you’re a top 20% implementer does NOT guarantee success. Even the best students of marketing fail from time to time. Some may fail as much as TWO THIRDS of the time -wrong market, wrong timing, wrong USP, takes too much money to penetrate the market, the reasons are endless. BUT: They look at unsuccessful projects as TESTING and not FAILURE.

-The top 1% embrace total mastery. It is not enough to just have a great online business they want to BE THE BEST. These are the one who are not just respected in the industry, they are followed and revered. These are the leaders that truly get the big vision and they understand their customers; in fact, they KNOW their customers in some ways better than the customers know themselves.

This top 1% is committed to mastery – day in and day out -they put themselves under the mentoring of the best people they can find and they learn with diligence.

This STILL does not guarantee success. Whether you start a home business or not with us or anybody else does not save you from the issues of life.

I do not guarantee success. I just promise that I’ll deliver the best know-how I can, that it is actionable and shows immediate results (negative or positive) because it is testable and measurable and accountable.

You can fail your way to success as long as your failures are calculated and measurable and that you learn from them.

NOT everyone who starts a home business or buys anything from us is successful. NOT everything I tell you to do will work. And when you succeed, you don’t have to send me a check. The money is yours to keep.

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