Symptoms For Sleep Apnea in Children

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Symptoms For Sleep Apnea in Children

What exactly is sleep apnea and what are its symptoms in children?

Sleep apnea is a kind of sleeping disorder which causes the person with the disease to stop breathing for period ranging from a few seconds to a couple of minutes. Each gap in breathing is known as apnea.

In a recently released white paper on sleep apnea, an eminent child specialist says that if your child suffers from daytime sleepiness or shows signs of fatigue without any exertion, is over weight or snores at night then you should observe your child when sleeping. This disease amongst children often goes un-diagnosed because they sleep in a separate room and in their own individual bed. This makes casual observation difficult.

The word originated from the Greek language and means to breathe. Sleep deprivation occurs several times during sleep. Typically, sleep apnea is confirmed by undergoing an overnight sleep test called the polysomnogram commonly referred to as “sleep study”. In the U.S. apnea is usually under-diagnosed because there is no one watching or monitoring the child as it sleeps. Such un-diagnosed cases can often lead to serious unwanted consequences.

Observing your child
If your child snores and you notice that he (or she) has suddenly stopped snoring and simultaneously there is no breathing (no movement of the chest), and few seconds later you hear a deep gasp and then the resumption of snoring, then the chances are very high that your child has apnea. In the U.S. we often hear the term “sleep-disordered breathing” being used to describe various breathing related issues which typically means that the child’s lungs are not receiving sufficient quantities of air.

Other symptoms include physical growth that is not in conformity with other children of the same age, inability to keep up with other children in sports, rapid fatigue, continuous breathing through the mouth, highly inflamed tonsils and adenoids, broken rest, being tired throughout the day and attention problems in class which could also include hyperactivity.

If your child has been diagnosed with Down syndrome then he / she might be particularly susceptible to sleep deprivation and on occasion, you should arrange to observe your child when resting and watch for symptoms mentioned here. The best way to do this is usually to setup a video camera with night mode selected and zoomed in on the child’s face. Apart from Down syndrome, certain neuromuscular abnormalities too could lead to or aggravate sleep deprivation.

If you have reason to believe that your child might be suffering from apnea, you should either observe the child yourself (for a few hours at least) or, setup a video camera. A video camera is best because you can set it up as often as you like. Suffice it to say that when in doubt, all efforts should be taken to ensure that a proper diagnosis is obtained and that your child receives the best medical care available.

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