Stress Relieving Exercises

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Stress Relieving Exercises

A gentle programme of yoga stress relieving exercises can help you release anxiety, stress and worry at the end of your day. During the day, your body is constantly absorbing and storing tension; you probably feel this tension in the form of lower back pain, stiff and achy joints and muscular pain in your shoulders and neck.

Yoga, meditation, and other deep breathing exercises. These are very effective because they require you to slow down for a few minutes and take some time for yourself. Freeing your mind of all the clutter that floats around and causes problems in an average day for even a few minutes can give you the mental break you need in order to see the big picture in your life more clearly.

Make sure that the chair that you are sitting in has good support for your back, preferably at 90 degrees. Even better, sit on a exercise ball and this forces your core muscles into play as your body has to constantly work to stabilize itself. Feel as though somebody is pulling you up from the crown of your head, straightening out your spine and lengthening up the sides of your torso.

pull your shoulder blades down and back. Keep your head balancing lightly at the top of your neck and make sure that the computer screen is almost level to or lower than your eye line.

As the American Institute of Stress president Paul Rosch puts it, beating stress is just a matter of releasing yourself from that stressful situation and catching few breaths. Deep breathing is an effortless stress reliever that gives numerous benefits to the body.

One of these benefits is oxygenating the blood that leads to waking up of brain, quieting of mind and relaxing of muscles. These exercises are also helpful because it can be done anytime and anywhere and can relieve you from stress very fast.

Meditation is observed as the best stress reliever. It takes you are step ahead and what the deep breathing pattern has done to you. Meditation makes you enter an area of functioning that is similar to sleep. There are many added benefits such as promotion of health, benefiting hormones. When your mind focuses on nothingness, it does not work over time.

Make yourself as comfortable as you can by either sitting or lying down. Many people have the greatest success lying down at home in their bed. However, others have better success being in a reclining chair. Then again I and some others I know of have had successful stress relieving exercise sessions in their cars while they were parked in a parking lot.

This particular form of stress relief may be a little difficult to use at first, as it is easy to become distracted while attempting it. This form of stress relief involves imagining that you are in someplace soothing and calm, and this can greatly reduce your stress levels.

Visualization is also often used as a method of motivation, where a person is better able to achieve their goals when they imagine themselves actually achieving them. In order to properly relieve your stress, you must imagine yourself as being in the place that you feel the calmest and relaxed in.

When you exercise, your brain releases endorphins. This gives you the “feel good” reaction in your body. Exercise also puts hormones in your system that can decrease feelings of depression which are often associated with stress. In addition, while you are exercising, you are focusing on something else other than your problems or source of stress.

Researchers are working around the clock to gain command over stress or fight it more efficiently. Since it is detrimental to health, relationships and life as a whole, it is essential for every individual to take charge and manage stress. To beat stress and make life more relaxed and peaceful, there is no alternative to exercise.

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