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Stop Panic

Have you experience panic attacks such as excessive fear, breathing becomes rapid and short, a sense of swaying, quivering legs became weak, cold sweat, nausea, stomach is upset, tingling feelings that accompany the actual irrational. You may experience panic attacks.

Panic attacks can cause excessive negativity toward one’s body symptoms, such as: People who feel chest pain immediately thought heart attack, at the time of the fingers feel numb thinking will experience a stroke, headache thinking will suffer a loss of consciousness etc..

Panic attacks can be thought of as a snowball rolling and more and greater. Patients will experience panic attacks usually begin to feel there is little change in his body. From here comes the negative psychological thought. The patient began to feel anxious and breathing fast. This resulted in an increase in blood CO2 levels and blood pH decreases. As a result of all these things will further increase the symptoms of severe symptoms and even cause new ones. From here the patient was experiencing a severe attack of acute illness. Not all patients experience rapid breathing sometimes only anxiety and physical symptoms.

Here are some exercises that can help you to overcome panic attacks.

1. Live with regular

Panic attacks may occur after you experience excessive fatigue. Arrange your life. Sleep enough. Create a weekly schedule so that you can divide your time properly. Avoid drinking coffee because it can trigger panic attacks.

2. Distraction technique, abdominal breathing

You have to watch yourself when symptoms of panic attacks occur. For example, you can bring a piece of paper that reads CAUTION! Or a given yellow or red color. Then after you know that you will experience panic attacks you can perform distraction techniques, do abdominal breathing, or relaxation techniques. Distraction technique is actually a mind transfer technique that can be: watching cartoons, reading novels, reading the words with the letters upside down, chew gum, seeing things around, bringing two fingers as close as possible over and over again.

You can also do the belly breathing. You can do abdominal breathing slowly and deeply. Place your right hand on his chest and your left hand on her stomach. Then when you take a breather notice that your left hand should move up and down and not his right hand.

3. Relaxation Techniques

In this technique you can relax your entire body. For example: clench your hands loudly, you will see the hand muscles to contract and release your fist and let your fingers go limp, you’ll see muscles – your muscles relax. Do it on all the muscles in your body gradually your leg muscles, shoulders (raise your shoulders as high as possible and relax!), Stomach, chest face, chin and so on. Then last relax your mind by thinking of the beautiful nature that once you visit, the sky is sunny, cool breeze, the waves are playing. Imagine that comfortable in  yourself,

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