Sports And Exercise Nutrition

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Sports And Exercise Nutrition

To be a healthy person one needs a healthy diet that is well balanced and includes a sufficient amount of water to avoid dehydration. This is especially important to the sports person that trains through extensive exercise.

If during your exercise you have a tendency to sweat than water is most essential. When you sweat you are losing water from the body which is known as dehydration. When you drink water during exercise you are avoiding dehydration and keeping your body refreshed and hydrated. What is the right amount of water needed for the sports minded athlete? The answer to this question is a rather involved one but we will try to answer it. Whether you train occasionally or if you train strenuously, there are a couple of signs you can look for. Check your urine; if your urine is a dark yellow color than you need more water, and if your urine is clear of any color (looks like plain water) than you are consuming the right amount of water. Drinking too much water is as dangerous as not drinking enough water. Not enough water causes dehydration. Too much water can cause intoxication. Weigh yourself before and after training or exercise. If you gained weight you took in too much water and if you lost weight you did not take in enough water.

Your diet should be a nutritious one consisting of carbohydrates, proteins and fat at each meal. A well balanced breakfast is the most important meal for the sports person. These are the basics for every athlete to remember when sitting down to a meal. You have to keep those muscles healthy and strong in order for them to work for you and endure the strain they are put through during sports and exercise. Completely balanced carbohydrates, protein and fat at each meal will give the athlete energy. The amount of these foods depends entirely on whether you are an occasional sports person or a hard working intensive exercise sports person. There are no charts to measure the individual’s needs. This has to be done separately for each individual.

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