Sport Performance And Nutrition

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Sport Performance And Nutrition

Sport and nutrition share a linkage which is natural. Correct nutrition forms the foundation for any sports people looking for the right amount of physical performance, it provides fuel for chemicals and biological work for extracting and using the potential energy within this fuel. Nutrients from food also provide elements which are essential for synthesizing new tissues and repairing cells.

Many will argue that a well balanced food regime readily provides enough nutrients for exercise in sport, so knowledge of nutrition offers little value to sports nutritionists. Obviously this is not so, as an understanding of energy capacities and sport performance must include an understanding of energy sources and the role nutrients have in energy release. With this perspective, the sports nutritionist can appreciate the importance of correct nutrition and can correctly evaluate the validity of claims about specific sports supplements, including dietry changes to increase physical performance. Because nutrients regulate physiological processes related to exercise and provide energy, many individuals link improved sports performance with dietary modifications. To often, athletes spend to much time and effort striving to optimize sport performance, only to fall short because of inadequate and sometimes harmful dietary practices, leading to injuries, exhaustion and even disease. Lastly, nutrition can affect disease conditions for which regular exercise makes important, positive contributions.

So for any one wishing to be at their best in any sport or recreational exercise, it is advisable to contact your local sports nutritionist for a detailed anaylis of your diet to help you achieve your sports or fitness goals.

Spencer Jackson works as an shop manager and customer adviser for Heroes Fitness Store. Please contact him through the website for more fitness information, including fitness equipment, core stability training and supplements.

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