Software Development Life Cycle

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Software Development Life Cycle

India has emerged as a growing market for web development. Companies around the world prefer to outsource web services to India as India has a pool of web development companies and freelance web developers who work at a very economical rate.

There is an abundance of talent available for developing websites on the latest technologies. One can find experienced developers expretising in open source technologies like PHP , .NET, Java etc. Companies vary in scale from big companies to small firms to freelancers. With web development, a new service called SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an essential part of the service. This includes methods implemented for better ranking in search engines.

Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is a methodology for the development of a software product. Software development activities include planning of project, requirement gathering, design, building/ coding, testing and maintenance.

Planning of project includes establishing business goals, scope and timeline of the project. Client involvement is most in this phase. Requirement gathering phase includes gathering project requirement and knowing about the users. Data gathering and user studies are done at this stage. At the next stage of design, concept designs are built up. Various concepts are brainstormed by the design team and then shortlisted, iterated and finalized. The next step involves coding/ building the software. Team of software developers builds the software using technologies in their scope.

Software testing job involves evaluating the software or application for various scenarios under different conditions. A tester job is to locate bugs in the software being tested and report them for correction. Software testing is an important job in software development life cycle. If the project is a low risk project, experienced programmers can also act as software testers. With high risk projects, there is a team of test engineer for testing and reporting bugs.

Software quality assurance involves monitoring and improving software.QA testing jobs also involve verification of any agreed-upon standards and procedures that needs to be followed. Quality assurance is a preventive method to ensure the quality of the software before it is launched.

Web development has thrived tremendously in India as foreign companies are outsourcing huge development and maintenance work. The abundance of skilled labor has further increased the growth of web development in India. Varieties of projects such as ecommerce website, plain static website, flash website or informative website are built in countless numbers.

There are number of courses offered by institutes as well as organization for training young minds and get them involved in this field. Software field is a field with endless scope and endless jobs.

Are you geared up to start a software career?

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