So Many Gnomes So Little Time

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So Many Gnomes So Little Time

A popular saying for garden gnome enthusiasts is that so many gnomes so little time. The phrase mainly refers to the large collection of garden gnomes available on the market today. The gnome statues that you may view on gift shops, garden accessory shops and designing outlets have a wide variety. You may find different types that would surely suit your preferences such as funny garden gnomes, collectible gnomes, vintage garden gnomes and even gnomes which represent your local sports or festivities.

So many gnomes so little time. A garden ornament collector can experience something like this when it comes to collecting every possible design of garden gnomes available on the market. There are several garden gnome designs that are related to fictional stories written by popular authors such as The Secret Book of Gnomes and The Gnomes. Most garden gnome manufacturers get some ideas from these fiction novels in order to get suitable designs for garden gnomes. Some notable designs for garden gnomes include those which are adopted from the storybooks such as Randell gnome, Morty gnome, George gnome, Mervin gnome and many more gnome characters from Rien Poortvliet’s children’s book.

There are several gnome designers that insert humor on the gnomes that they create. You may find some funny garden gnomes that stick their bare buttocks to the garden visitors. You may even find some which show their personal body parts as a part of the humor that the designer wants to implement. Some innovative garden gnome designs are incorporated with sensors for additional entertainment purposes. These garden gnomes automatically fart when a person passes near the statue. Some even have recorded speeches to delight the passersby. Thus when collecting garden gnomes you even want to say that there are so many gnomes so little time.

There are even more types of gnomes based on their postures. You may find some garden gnomes that look like they are resting on the shade of the trees. Some creative designs even resemble that they are working on the plants. Other postures of garden gnomes are based on the day to day activities such as mowing the lawn, harvesting fruits, hammering stones and even those which resemble traveling with a lantern on one hand. These types of garden gnomes create a livelier look on your garden. You may notice that so many gnomes so little time thus you may want to consider doing the collection as early as possible. You may want to have a unique theme for you to have a guide on which garden gnomes you are to collect.

As with those people who already collected several types of garden gnomes, they may still say the there are so many gnomes so little time. This is because there are also other types of garden gnomes which are based on their sizes. You may find large sized gnomes which may reach up to 3 feet in height. If you are into collecting miniature gnome models, there are 1 foot high garden gnomes available on the market today. These small types of garden gnomes are much suitable for collection purposes.

We have Antique Gnomes, Baseball Gnomes, Ceramic Gnomes and many more more gnomes available. For a deeper look into the history of garden gnomes please visit.

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