Sleeping Pills Don’t Cure Insomnia Because They Don’t Treat the Causes of it and They Have After Effects

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Sleeping Pills Don’t Cure Insomnia Because They Don’t Treat the Causes of it and They Have After Effects

Sleeping Pills Don’t Cure Insomnia Because They Don’t Treat the Causes of it.

Sleeping Pills are fast and easy and available to most people but they do not cure insomnia because they do not cure the causes of it.  

It takes an average of 46mins for sleeping   pills to take effect

You become physically dependent on them They loose their effectiveness because after 4 to 6 weeks the brain becomes accustomed to the drug and does not work anymore You have less deep sleep (which is what you really need most of) and more stage 2 sleep Hangover effect the day after

Do you dread bedtime?  Does it take you forever to fall asleep, Do you have trouble staying asleep, Do you feel like exhausted all day long because you did not have a good night sleep?  To help you get a better deeper sleep without the use of pills (because they do not work) these are a few things you will need to do: 

Train your brain and your body; develop a good evening routine, a cosy and harmonic bedroom conducive to sleep.  You can learn more about this tried and tested effective programme at :

There are so many things you can do to help you make positive changes to your sleep pattern and sleep better.  

Change your beliefs about sleep – “I can’t get to sleep” becomes a fulfilling prophecy. Change your sleep habits Train your brain to fall asleep with the Sleep Optimisation Tracks Have an evening routine that makes a transition from daytime to night time.   You need to let your brain activity subside during night time by making it a habit to unwind with things like meditation, relaxation etc. Take it easy and avoid strenuous activity less than 3 hours prior to bedtime Avoid confrontation or task that taxes your brain, fill it with chitter chatter or causes you anxiety. Bore yourself to sleep by doing mundane tasks like paper work or reading a text book Take a warm dissolving and relaxing bath.   Your body temperature will rise at first but it will ease drastically helping to send you to sleep. Make your bedroom cosy and harmonic (the cosier the better) and make it a room just for sleeping and making love. Avoid things that tell your brain to engage in activities Make sure you have silence.  External noises can disrupt your sleep. Make your room as dark as possible in the evening (use dimmer switches if possible).   Eye mask is also an excellent idea for blocking out light if there is no way you can make your room dark. Cool sleeping room – your room temperature should be 65-70% F Use “Fall Asleep Track”(this can be found at the above site I have given you. Wake up at about the same time every day (your sleep clock needs a fine tune cue)

So, how much sleep do you need every night?    There is no particular number of hours and all sleep time is not the equal.   What you need is deep sleep and you should be aiming for quality rather than quantity.

By worrying about not getting enough sleep and trying hard to fall asleep actually prevents you from falling asleep.   Falling asleep is not an action; it happens automatically if your brain and body clock is fine tuned to do this.

Now what is your sleep problem?   Do you have trouble falling asleep?   Do you wake up too early in the morning?  Do you have trouble staying asleep?  Do you have poor quality sleep?

If you need more than 30 minutes to fall asleep at night and to wake up in the morning then this may be your biological clock is delayed meaning your body temperature falls later at night and increases later in the morning.

There are a few things you can do to reset your inner clock and improve your sleep and energy levels:

By being exposed to bright daylight in the early mornings helps adjust your body clock Activities like taking a brisk walk before 10am for about 10 minutes will do the trick Do not go to bed if you do not feel sleepy Do not stay in bed if you do not fall asleep.  Get up and do something else that would induce sleep or what I find the fastest way to send me to sleep is listening to my Insomnia Buster track till I feel drowsy which normally happens pretty quickly.  Do not lie in the next morning If you are anxious and can’t get to sleep or relaxed but can’t sleep maybe you ought to try some of the excellent aids on the website address I have given above.  

If you are waking up too early you may be suffering from unfinished or depressed sleep, and your body clock may be moving slower.  This means your body temperature rises earlier than normal in the morning.  To reset these are a few things you can do:

Exercise later during the day, but not 3 hours or less before bedtime Expose your body to light during the latter part of the day or use a light box in the afternoon. Go to bed later For deeper sleep use Insomnia Buster or Whole Night Tracks on a loop.  Email me at for your Free Full Report on Sleep and how you can regain a healthy sleep pattern.

Are you having trouble staying asleep waking up feeling more tired than when you went to bed then your sleep cycles are not completed?   You may be suffering from fragmented or poor quality sleep, sometimes called sleep maintenance insomnia.  This tends to happen mostly to people with sedentary lifestyle and older people who do not do many activities.   By increasing the level of activities you do during the day and exposing your body to more light during the day will help solve this problem.

If you like this article pass it on to your friends.

Bye for now folks and enjoy making positive changes to your sleep pattern.

Sleep and Stress Nurse

A Boadu

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