Sleep Disorders be Gone!

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Sleep Disorders be Gone!

At some point in our life, we have all experienced the inability to sleep. Sleep deprivation can become more of an issue as we enter into the busy, stressful time of the year.

Sleep disorders manifest themselves in a number of ways. Our minds and thoughts can get out of control and keep us awake or there may be something going on with our internal system that needs medical attention. They can be a sporadic problem, recurring, or an all-too-familiar long lasting issue. Being unable to sleep can be a symptom of bigger problems. Sometimes we reach for prescription sleep aids too fast when the real issue can disappear by making lifestyle changes. This is why it’s very important to try to narrow down what is causing sleep problems, and to rule out any medical conditions such as sleep apnea, seeking medical treatment or prescription sleep aids if necessary.

In cases of mild or occasional sleep loss, relatively easy lifestyle changes can often be made. This is usually a case of trial and error. For instance, some people find music relaxing and sleep inducing—instrumental music or affirmation CD’s. But there are others who find any noise, let alone music, distracting and bothersome when trying to sleep. The same thing goes for light, TV, style of bed or bedding, and sleeping in a bed with someone else. We can observe what conditions are most conducive to our sleep, and try to emulate those as much as possible, especially when we are stressed out and may have trouble sleeping.

As someone who has struggled with insomnia for many years, I know how frustrating it can be to dread nighttime all day, wondering if you will be able to sleep that night, only to dread daytime during the night because you know you’ll be tired in the morning. It can throw your body completely off-kilter. Soaking music CD’s are very user friendly and have proven to put me out within minutes. Soaking Music allows my mind to calm down, which in turn helps me to focus on what’s really important and then I’m overwhelmed with peace that allows me to fall asleep. Other positive ways that have helped me on a daily basis is to eat healthy, exercise and not watch any TV programs before I go to bed.

It’s important for each person to find his or her ideal sleeping environment and/or bedtime ritual and try to stick with it, and this may take a lot of patience! But once we understand what makes us not sleep, it’s usually easier to avoid those things and start creating a better sleep environment so we can get those sought-after REM sleep hours to be more productive and happier throughout the day.

Founder of ThumbPeople, Inc. and author of seven best selling Thumbuddy Children’s Books, Mark Arens, shares a secret about how to help you or your family get the peaceful rest needed to sustain a successful life.

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