Sleep Apnea Test – Yes, Virginia, There Is A Home Test!

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Sleep Apnea Test – Yes, Virginia, There Is A Home Test!

A sleep apnea test is normally done in a sleep lab. However, just as with everything else, technology is making this aspect of testing for sleep apnea easier. The home testing market is growing for those who suspect they may have sleep apnea. In 2007 the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) rethought their policy and now they approve the use of home tests for those who are eligible. Along with the AASM, insurance plans such as Medicare and Medicaid are also approving payment for the tests.

What Patients are Eligible?

The home test for sleep apnea is not for everyone. The AASM will only approve the home test for people who meet the following;

1) You must be between 18 and 65. They do not approve the tests for children or the elderly.

2) You are in the category of being at high risk for medium to critical sleep apnea. The risk includes breathing pauses while sleeping that have been recorded or witnessed, being severely overweight, extreme sleepiness during the day and snoring that is loud and often.

3) You have no major medical issues such as congestive heart failure or lung disease to name a couple.

4) You have not been diagnosed with narcolepsy, insomnia, circadian rhythm sleep disorders or central sleep apnea.

The home kit is an easy to use sleep strip that is actually a mini-computer. It records the airflow through the nose and mouth and then the results are looked at by your doctor. The results will tell the doctor if there is indeed sleep apnea and how severe it may be. The strip is easy to put on yourself with very little training.

The sleep apnea test now available is so easy to use and safe as well. This test can be taken in your bedroom, where you feel more comfortable sleeping. Rather than being in a strange place trying to go to sleep, the test can be taken in your home. You will not feel that you are being stared at (which you are) and the room is familiar. The self-testing device uses a recording device which can sit on your nightstand. Sensors are provided that measure pulse, chest movement, oxygen level, breathing and snoring (if you do indeed snore).

The materials to show you how to use the sleep apnea test are all provided and the test is quite easy to understand. All the information that is collected while you are sleeping is examined and studied. A report is created and sent to your doctor. He will look at the report and inform you of whatever action he thinks is necessary.

The home test is a little pricey but in comparison with what a sleep study that you go to a clinic to have done, it may not be so bad. Of course, there are studies from time to time that are done for research purposes. If you really do not want to go to a lab to have this test done, a home test can be the right choice for you. As long as you meet the criteria, there should be no problem taking the sleep apnea test in your home.

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Common sleep disorders are sleep apnea, insomnia and narcolepsy, and people who have these disorders may have a variety of contributing causes. Discover how people with sleep apnea may have a shortened life-span with helpful information in this free video on sleeping disorders. Expert: Dr Peter Kramer Contact: Bio: Dr. Peter Kramer is an Osteopathic Physician. Filmmaker: Reel Media LLC
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