Sleep Apnea should be a Serious Concern to You

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Sleep Apnea should be a Serious Concern to You

Do you know what sleep apnea is?  Many people suffer from this disorder and are not even aware of it.  This disorder can be very dangerous for an individual because sleep apnea occurs when your breathing is interrupted when sleeping.  What this means is that you stop breathing for a short period.  Therapeutic Pillow International provides a great deal of information on their website about sleep apnea, its symptoms, diagnosis, and types of treatments.


Sleep apnea is often like snoring.  Both conditions involve a restriction in the airflow of the respiratory systems except sleep apnea has more potential danger.  Some of the people most susceptible to this disorder include overweight men over the age of forty, people with a large neck size, large tonsils, or a history of sleep apnea in the family.  If you don’t treat sleep apnea you increase your chances for hypertension, stroke, heart failure, and poor performance in your daily activities. 


How can you tell if you have sleep apnea?  Some of the symptoms that you can look for include sleepiness, morning headaches, forgetfulness, mood changes, insomnia, and decreased interest in sexual activities.  Other problems such as waking up with a sore throat or chocking for air are also potential signs that you may suffer from sleep apnea.  To be sure, if you have sleep apnea, a doctor can conduct a sleep test to find out if you have this disorder.


Some treatments that you may consider are making behavior changes to your life.  Losing weight, avoiding alcohol and sleeping pills, changing sleep positions, quitting smoking, and using CPAP are all possible recommendations a doctor may make for you to deal with your sleep apnea.  All of these recommendations except CPAP are things we should do anyway to live a better and longer lasting life.  Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) is a treatment where you wear a mask over your mouth and nose while you are sleeping.  Air is continuously pushed into your nostrils to keep your airways open.


The website also describes the surgical procedures that you may have as an option to help you deal with sleep apnea.  Some other possible treatments are listed for mild cases of sleep apnea

You can beat Sleep apnea with a little help once you understand your options and you understand how the disorder works. Visit Therapeutic Pillow International’s website to learn what you can do and make the first step to living a healthier life with Sleep apnea.

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