Sleep apnea masks – The Path To A Perfect Sleep

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Sleep apnea masks – The Path To A Perfect Sleep

Given the fact that sleep apnea is one of the most serious sleep disorders that affects people of all ages, scientists have tried to come up with solutions to prevent low body oxygenation. Sleep apnea masks fall into this category, as they represent the most efficient non-invasive treatment that prevents sleep apnea episodes and even snoring. What do sleep apnea masks consist of? There is a portable machine attached to the mask, tubes and a fan, which need to be worn during sleep. Sleep apnea masks are sealed, remaining fixed over the nose all night long. The working mechanism behind this consists in the gentle blowing of pressurized air through the respiratory tract.

The air pressure created by the sleep apnea masks is high enough so that there are no chances for the throat collapsing during sleep. Once you want to purchase such an item for personal use, there are a few criteria to be taken into consideration; thus, proper fitting is absolutely essential for the matter. There are several types of sleep apnea masks available on the market: they include the oral, the nasal and the oro-nasal models; they sometimes combine the mouth and nose form, being attached to the head by the help of a special gear.

If the straps of the sleep apnea masks are too loose or too tight, air leaks may occur, not to mention that the items can be really uncomfortable. Hence, the most appropriate sleep apnea masks are those that are tailored to remain comfortable in all sleeping positions; they should usually include the reshape option in case of distortion or leaks. The manufacturing material is usually hard plastic, but the seals are generally made of silicone, and they also incorporate all sorts of other options such as nose clips, flexible shells and gel cushions.

Other sleep apnea masks for oral use come without any form of headgear whatsoever, which makes them a lot more practical than other designs; yet, the disadvantage of such devices is that they require humidification, and, sometimes, patients have to wear glasses. A variation of the sleep apnea masks is represented by the plastic adapters inserted in the nostrils, but they are considered pretty uncomfortable by some people. The great thing is that the variety of models is pretty high, and the patient may even get the chance to have a device tailored to suit personal needs according to the doctor’s specifications.

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