Sleep apnea mask – No More Sleepless Nights

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Sleep apnea mask – No More Sleepless Nights

The use of a sleep apnea mask is sometimes the best solution available for a person who suffers from obstructive sleep apnea and runs the risk of developing an even more serious health condition. A quality sleep apnea mask will comfortably fit to the shape of the face, so that wearer isn’t even aware of its presence during the night’s rest. Most models include adjustable features, silicon seals and straps with a reduced pressure at the face level. There are few things one needs to be careful about when choosing a sleep apnea mask, and the first important worth mentioning here is size.

If you get a look at the wide offer of products available on the Internet, you’ll definitely notice that the most advanced model of sleep apnea mask is the size adjustable one that prevents leakage and allows comfortable sleeping in a variety of positions without mask dislodging. Moreover, one also has to check the cleaning features, since a good sleep apnea mask needs to be easy to clean as well. Last but not least, when purchased for children or infants who suffer from central sleep apnea for instance, the mask needs to be designed according to the doctor’s specifications.

The sleep apnea mask allows an uninterrupted sleep period of seven or even eight hours per night, which is the normal rest period of an adult person. The benefits of the device will also be felt in the overall state of well being, since once the sleep quality improves, daily activities are more easily carried on without the excessive tiredness that would usually follow a disturbed night’s sleep. The model of the sleep apnea mask can be chosen according to personal preference and the severity of the condition; some patients prefer the oral form, some others the nasal one, whereas, the popularity of the combined oral-nasal mask is also remarkably high.

Many of those who get to order a sleep apnea mask online are usually motivated by privacy reasons; yet, there is the risk that the mask won’t fit properly. Hence, you need to provide the supplier with the correct specifications, and ask your doctor to assist you in the effort of jotting down the most important features. There are sites that offer customized molded masks, meaning that you will adjust it to the face and nose shape. Moreover, look for the designs that include padded straps and special headgear, so that you have an increased comfort level during sleep.

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Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s Dr. Madan Kandula discusses surgery for sleep apnea. Keith Soya delivers a patient’s perspective.

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