Warning: Some people will do anything to make your life miserable.

"How to Finally Stop Difficult People from Ruining Your Life by Dominating, Winning, and Changing Their Hearts!"

Is this scenario somewhat familiar to you?

You wake up one morning with a splitting headache because your next-door neighbors had a noisy party all night long. As you go downstairs, you notice your brothers fighting and screaming over the remote control. Your mom shouts at them to "shut up!"

By this time, your head is really spinning because of the constant noise. Your mom approaches you and asks you to go to the grocery to buy some stuffs. You plead with her that you'll be late but she insists that it won't take long.

There's a queue in the store. You ask one shopper if you can go ahead of him because it's an emergency, but he yells back at you "get lost!" Your blood is starting to boil, but you manage to keep your cool.

As you arrive at the office, your frowning boss looks at you as if he's going to devour you. He asks you why you're late. But before you give him an explanation, he turns away from you in a hostile fashion while shaking his head. Your co-employees wear that sinister smiles in their faces, as if they're happy with the boss' attitude towards you.

You can't take it anymore. You're about to explode. Then you erupt at the top of your voice …

"I Can't Take All These People Anymore!"

From Albert Cano

Dear Victim of Difficult People,

Have you ever wondered why you often don't get along with others?

One reason is that different individuals have different opinions, ideas, or principles. Each person fights for what he thinks is right. But sometimes, these people take their ideologies to the extreme.

They do not care if others will get affected or will get hurt by their actions. They can make life a living hell for anyone that crosses their paths, although sometimes they do not intend to.

On the contrary, there are people who seem to enjoy the sight of other people suffering or having a hard time.

Whether you like it or not, difficult people are here to stay.

Because of difficult people, spouses break up, children create communication barriers against their parents, employees plan attacks against their bosses, friends become enemies, and chaos results. In short, relationships suffer.

Ignoring these situations will only make matters worse. Worrying about them will only give you more headaches and stress. Attacking difficult people will only worsen your already damaged relationships with them. Escaping from them will only leave you friendless and empty.

The best solution is to conquer difficult people by changing their hearts or by dealing with them inoffensively!

Finally, the book to solve your "difficult" problems has arrived!

How to Conquer Difficult People is a systematic and accurate study of difficult people in their various disguises. It teaches you how to quickly spot difficult people instantly, and how to design counter-offensive strategies to conquer them - without needing for a fight!

This book reveals stress-free techniques to overcome difficult people by using their strengths against them. Like the gentle martial art of Judo, this book uses the ancient combat principle of "fighting without fighting," to ward off offenses by going with the flow, and yet have the enemy helpless on the floor in the end.

Now is the time to conquer the difficult people in your life, and turn them into allies. Discover the easy and effective tactics that have been tried and tested in real life situations!

What you will find in this book:

The mechanics of difficult people.
The root cause of people's difficult attitude, and how to stop the plague.
How life's pressures can make a person difficult.
How any individual can become difficult without being aware of it.
How to increase your level of toleration to fight off the difficult attitude.
Crucial factors affecting overt pressures.
How to get difficult people to obey your commands.
Ways people react to pressures.
How difficult people transfer their attitude to you.
How to turn a bad attitude into a good attitude.
How you can acquire the personality of people you idolize.
Why those who suffer from difficult people can become more difficult themselves.
Powerful steps to develop the willpower to deal with difficult people.
The main problem in communicating with difficult people, and how to solve it.
How you can make difficult people happy.
The right thing to do if you don't agree with the opinions of difficult people.
How to escape from their traps.
The first step to overcome difficult people.
How to make sure you're not becoming a difficult person yourself.
The right time to give your unsolicited advice.
When telling the truth becomes a fault.
The most effective way to fight off the fiercest pressure attacks.
How to stop difficult people from becoming obnoxious.
How to deal with a difficult self.
How to manage a difficult spouse.
How to conquer difficult parents.
How to handle difficult children.
How to overcome difficult siblings.
How to deal with difficult relatives.
How to handle difficult friends.
How to conquer difficult classmates.
How to manage difficult neighbors.
How to deal with difficult bosses.
How to handle difficult partners.
How to conquer difficult co-workers.
How to deal with difficult strangers.
How to outsmart a difficult person who interferes incessantly during your speech.
The similarities between handling difficult people and animal training.
What difficult people treat as a mortal sin.
How to use the art of diversion to conquer difficult people.
How to shift difficult pressures away to other people.
How to get out of tight situations.
The best thing to do when things really get out of hand.

And a lot, lot more!

How great it would feel if you can overcome difficult people. Just imagine being control of every difficult situation. It's like having the key to successful relationships.

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Albert Cano

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