SEO Killed By Home Shopping

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SEO Killed By Home Shopping

SEO killed By Home Shopping


Well I could be out of a job, the latest thing I heard about are SEO Kits, home do-it-yourself kits also known as DIY kits that show anybody, businesses, anybody how to promote yourself, create your own presence on the internet for your business and your website, wow, it ‘s that simple, does this mean I have to retool myself again, look for a new career?


SEO development has turned into a biz op, boiler room’s full desperate people looking for work, willing to whatever it take to bring home a paycheck are cold calling anybody, leads furnished from who knows where, maybe even the telephone book, remember the telephone book, it’s how people used to find businesses, now its how businesses find customers ( I use that term loosely).


So I suspect, that soon that I will find SEO kits at Walgreen’s, Home Depot, Family dollar, some guy on TV selling them for .99 in 3 monthly payments, maybe even find them the on home shopping network, I am done.  Video killed the radio; home shopping network killed the SEO.  Vital Computer Services looks at this type of marketing as a sad reflection of what desperate people will do to make quick sales at the expense of the uniformed. Which makes the title to this article misleading because it’s not about smart people, its about conmen and the ability to sort out the garbage from the real thing, which unfortunately can be very heard because some of the people behind these types of scams have legitimate experience and can talk the talk if you will.


They are people who have given up for one reason or another and are attempting to make money from SEO concepts from an angle with less integrity. They use their knowledge to create a package that seems plausible and their command of the language to convince people that this is a package of information that includes and here’s the strength of the pitch, all of the SEO secrets! And people listen, believe and buy, selling secret information that will make you a fast buck is the biggest  gimmick  going for the last 20-30 years, its been repacked in so many different ways it boggles the mind.


Vital Computer Services is the real thing, backed by real people with real experience and skills were a rare mix of programmers – analysts and client services professionals with high integrity and good intentions, were old school and still believe in innovation and hard work.  The old line from Barnum is “there’s a sucker born every minute” is confirmed daily by the boiler room operations that continue through out this world at any given time.


Its easy to understand in this dire economic environment were in that people want to save money and some how increase they’re chance to make money, its referred to ROI, but sometime reason is lost in the pursuit of the best ROI attainable, at this point it then becomes unattainable through the quick and easy way that a too good to be true deal like a SEO kit professes to be, the winner of course is the snake skin oil salesman who’s making the sale. To quote another old saying “If it sounds too good to be true, then it probable is not true”


I would suggest to all who would consider taking on SEO development by themselves, pay for some classes from a reputable school, buy and read some books, Google and read all you can on the subject you can find on the internet, become involved with groups, newsletters, organizations professional and non-professional and learn all you can and give yourself at least a year or more and then tackle the job yourself, there are no quick answers or shortcuts and there are no great secrets (there is no grail of SEO marketing), sorry. Good luck.




Visit: http://www.VitalComputerServices.Info

Born in Chicago, IL  I went to Kelvyn Park H.S., Wright Junior College, then to Control data Institute, Before I got into Computers and data processing I played drums professionally in rock bands for 15 years.

I worked with Direct mail companies for 15 years, 10 years as a consultant in the Direct marketing, Bulk email processing. I started out in California as a Political database Administrator for CJL, we maintained over 15,000,000 voter registrar records and their matching voting history, create political audit reports to telemarketing lists, mailing labels and many campaign letters.

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