Self Confidence Affirmations – 11 Step Guide

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Self Confidence Affirmations – 11 Step Guide

Self confidence affirmations are meant to empower you. If you are looking to raise your self esteem and confidence to live your true potential, affirmations can be the tool for you.

What is an affirmation any way?

An affirmation is a positive sentence written in present tense, meant to be imprinted in your subconscious mind in repeated use by different techniques.

Here are some examples for self confidence affirmations:

“I wake up every morning confident and full of energy”

“I enjoy feeling my confidence and self esteem as I move through my day”

These are just two of never ending possibilities of self confidence affirmations you can make up for yourself.

what do you do with these positive thinking sentences?

There are many different methods a schools of thought regarding how to use affirmations for self esteem, or any subject. I myself have tried many different kinds until I found the one that worked the best for me. There is no right way to do it, but there are some that feel better to each individual.

Here is one of the short methods I use:

Step one: write a list of the things that are bothering you in your life regarding your self esteem.

Step two: write the opposite of the sentences you wrote. If you hate how you look, write down I enjoy looking at my self in the mirror, or something of that sort.

Step three: Set the sentences into present tense as if you already have it.

Step four: Choose the 3 sentences you most want to start working on.

Step five: Clear out 40 minutes every day for practice

Step six: Sit in a quite room with comfortable clothes

Step seven: Mediate for 10 minutes and clear your mind, this will enhance the effect of every sitting

Step eight: take the first affirmmation and read it to yourself. Then imagine how it feels to already have what is written. Really focus on this. Try to get find the feeling  place of it do this for ten minutes then move on to the other two sentences.

Step nine: When you finish let it go with an attitude that it is becoming true.

Step ten: Repeat this a minimum of thirty days and you will start observing positive change in your life.

Self confidence affirmations can truly help you become a confident person. I would advise you to find a system that feels good to you, and get going!

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