See Better Naturally – Exercises and Relaxation Tips

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See Better Naturally – Exercises and Relaxation Tips

There are ways to improve your vision naturally, simple techniques and exercises that you can learn easily enough, that can be added to your everyday routines. Fortunately they are easy to do and can have a very positive effect on your overall well being as your eyesight improves.

Too many people today are depending on glasses or contact lenses to improve their vision to see clearly and there are a large number of people who are resorting to Lasik surgery to permanently improve their vision. It wasn’t always that way; One hundred years ago about 10 percent of the population in the USA wore glasses, today the number is over 50 percent.

We know a lot has changed over the past 100 years, everyday life in general has become more stressful and eye strain is more common because of the close up and detail work that we do. Even the invention of electricity and advanced technology plays a part as we read and use our computers all hours of the day and night, and street lights make the roads safe to drive at night but the glare from them and oncoming headlights can cause fatigue and eyestrain.

The eye functions in part because of the actions of the eye muscles’ and like all muscles of the body they can be strained and damaged by overuse and repetitive actions. This is why it is important that we relax and exercise the eyes and their muscles.

Some Techniques to See Better Naturally

First is the DOT exercise. You can do this one now. Find a period or comma in the text you are reading and bring it into focus as clearly as possible. It will probably become blurry as you do this.

Next close your eyes and let them relax. Deep breathing can help here as you concentrate on relaxing your eyes. After a minute open your eyes and look again at the period without straining and let your eyes move around the page, over and around the period. Blink occasionally to keep your eyes moist.

Next close your eyes and picture the dot and then look again at it. As the eyes become relaxed it should be easier to see the dot.

Second is the WORD exercise. Find a word on the page that is five or more letters long and without moving your eyes stare at the word so that all letters are in view. Focus on the entire word and create an image in your head. Again it will become blurry as you concentrate.

Now relax your eyes and let them move over the page naturally, all around the word and not forcing them to look at what you want. When you do look at the word it should be clearer. Letting the eyes move around will help them to work better without the strain.

Third exercise is the DOUBLE VISION exercise. Most people have a dominant eye and use it to look at an object while the other eye does its own thing. This exercise will help them to work together as a team.

Relax your eyes and focus on the object in a calm way. By crossing the eyes you will see two images, try to focus in on each and slowly bring them together and focus on the one image. The trick here is to be relaxed and to do this calmly.

These are just a few of the many exercises that you can begin doing daily to help you to see better naturally. It is not impossible to see significant improvement in your vision after taking part in a daily program of exercise and relaxation techniques. You can lose your glasses forever.

The Author enjoys living and researching topics which help to promote a healthy and natural lifestyle. To learn more about ways to see better naturally utilizing exercise and relaxation techniques visit

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