Research shows That Meditation Prevents Stress

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Research shows That Meditation Prevents Stress

Research shows that meditation reduces stress, both physically and mentally. More and more Norwegians meditate to gain more energy and less stress. It is not supernatural or mysterious. Meditation initiate physiological processes in the body that makes us more balanced and more able to cope with the everyday hustle and bustle.

The heart beats slower

The studies of Solberg, showed that heart rate are both lower and more stable during meditation than during normal rest. Blood pressure goes down, and hormone production is affected. All in all, meditation helps the body to relax more than any other rest, and the effect is that we can cope better with both extreme and everyday stress.

Physician and heart specialist Erik Ekker Solberg is currently completing a doctoral dissertation on how meditation works on stress management. He has looked at the physiological changes that occur in the body when you meditate.

Stable heart rate

The conclusion is that meditation can be suitable to cope with stress better. People who meditated regularly work easier in situations with physical stress than non meditators. The effects of the positive physiological changes also appeared to persist for some time after you have meditated. The result is less stress.

The results in these studies is supported by international studies on the effects of meditation.

There is little research on the prevention of stress

There is much research on what causes stress, but little on what can prevent it, “Says Solberg. Solberg says we need to focus more on how we can better cope with stress.

- Most of the available research on stress is about what creates stress and how stress affects us. The lack of research on how to get out of stress. That’s what we’ve focused on in these studies, “Solberg says”.

Performance Stress Solberg used performance-stress associated with sports as a model in the study, but believes the results can be transferred to the stress most of us can experience in business and everyday life.

Better Sleep Sleep is also affected by regular meditation.Meditation may resemble a state between wakefulness and sleep. But it is an activity that has different physiological characteristics than the rest.

- When you sleep you dont have a clear consciousness, but when you meditate, you are aware, “Solberg. We need sleep, but studies also suggest that sleep is affected by meditation.

Melatonin Solberg has found that the level of melatonin, a hormone that controls circadian rhythms and sleep changes with regular meditation. This makes the sleep function better in those who meditate.

- Other factors such as less muscle tension and less psychological stress as a result of meditation, also that you fall asleep easier, “says Solberg

Margit Hegna meditates 30 minutes every morning and evening.

Stress free meditation

- The day I do not meditate, I notice that “the tempo is turned up in the head,” said Marit Hegna. I have less to go on throughout the day. She has a hectic job as a product developer in Lilleborg and has meditated for 8 years.


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