Relaxation Meditation – Want to be free from vexations?

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Relaxation Meditation – Want to be free from vexations?

With the advent of science and technology, it is true that the modern society offers a wealth of material comforts. However, this has inevitably led to a high level of stress that pervades our society at large. Thus, it is more important than in any time in history to pick up an important life skill—Relaxation Meditation.  As the name implies, relaxation meditation is an effective means to relax the body by the relieving of tension and stress within it. This is crucial for everyone because psychological stress is the major cause of many physical illnesses such as heart diseases, strokes, gastro-intestinal disorders and migraines.

Having the impetus to meditate, it begs a question, ‘‘How can one find time to meditate when faced with a busy schedule?” Well, the fabulous aspect about meditation is it doesn’t really expend much time. As soon as you learn the fundamentals, you will be able to practice it for five to ten minutes everyday.  But the key to realize its benefits, like learning a musical instrument or weight lifting, is to engage in regular practice.

This brings about a further question, ‘‘Which form of meditation should we practice? ” In this article, it is difficult to do justice to meditation by introducing all its forms from past to present. Hence, let me begin by introducing one relaxation meditation technique known as Relaxation Response. It was developed in the 1970s by Herbert Benson, MD, a professor at Harvard Medical School. Here are its specific guidelines:
1. Find a quiet place to sit down
2. Sit in a relaxed posture that promotes comfort.
3. Establish an object of focus. (It can be a visual symbol, word or phrase. Usually symbols with deep spiritual meaning to you will be most effective)
4. Close your eyes to minimize distractions from surroundings. (If distracted, mindfully bring your attention back to focusing on the object of focus)
5. Maintain a receptive approach. (Let thoughts come and go without attributing any meaning. Don’t judge your progress. Be mindful of your object of focus.)

Soothing background meditation music can also help to create a conducive environment for this exercise.

With constant practice, you will realize that your mind is more relaxed and you will be better at dealing with the challenges in everyday life. Thus, practise relaxation meditation regularly and your vexations will be replaced with the bliss of relaxation in your daily life!
Reference:  Bodian, Stephan (2006)

Dennis is a health and fitness buff, who blogs widely on various health & fitness issues.  He is an enthusiast especially in meditation for health.  To learn one of the most effective and proven way to relax through meditation, click on this link on the Guided Meditation Programme:

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