RELAX! A Proven Technique To Help With Panic

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RELAX! A Proven Technique To Help With Panic

Once you have experienced several panics attacks, a certain doubt starts to creep into your mind: “What’s wrong with me? Why is this happening? Am I Crazy? “

People with symptoms tend to fear they have some critical illness like heart problems, cancer or even a brain tumor.

Many times, panics attacks will happen out of the blue, when you least expect it. Other times, attacks happen during or right after a time of being anxious, stressed or worried. The following relaxation technique will work very well on those anxious days and help with panic before the attack occurs.

1. Sit comfortably.

2. Take a long, deep, breath and exhale.

3. Close your eyes.

4. Take natural, easy breaths. Each time you exhale, say the word, “relax”.

5. While you are breathing comfortably, notice any tensions. Start with your forehead and move down. Continue to repeat the word “relax”, while taking natural, easy breaths, until the tension lets go and the forehead is relaxed. Then move down to the jaw, still repeating the word, “relax”. You could even add the body part, like “jaw relax”, as that will help you focus on just your jaw.

Continue breathing comfortably, moving downward on the body through each tension area while repeating the word, “relax” (shoulders relax, back relax, stomach relax, etc).

6. When you reach your feet, open your eyes.

Your body should feel totally relaxed at this point. And since you have been focusing on the word, “relax”, all anxious thoughts will have disappeared too.

Throughout the day, if you start to feel anxious, start repeating the word “relax” to keep those anxious thoughts from taking up a dwelling space in your head. Getting rid of the anxious thoughts will help with panic that tends to follow them.

My tension usually resides between my shoulders. So I will say, “shoulders relax” as I take some long, deep breaths. This works well whether I’m sitting at my computer, watching tv or driving. I would advise to keep your eyes open while driving (bad humor!).

Try using this technique at bedtime and you will be amazed how quickly you fall asleep. Anxious thoughts seem to escalate when it’s time to go to sleep. Again, repeating /focusing on the word “relax”, (can include body part) will leave no room for anxious thoughts.

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