Recovery Nutrition Basics from Fluid Recovery Drink

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Recovery Nutrition Basics from Fluid Recovery Drink

We know you spend precious time planning your workouts, but how much time do you spend planning your recovery? All the gains of a workout are made during recovery, the time after a workout when your body grows stronger and regenerates itself. If you can’t recover, you can’t build, you can’t get better. The good news is the body can heal itself and transform more efficiently when nutrients are readily available before and after workout. Nutrient balance and timing are essential to the recovery process.

We at Fluid recommend a balanced diet, loaded with fresh fruits & vegetables, whole grains, lean meats and in accordance with the recommended daily allowance of vitamins and minerals. However, opponents of nutritional supplements often argue if we ate properly, we wouldn’t need food supplements. For the best possible post-exercise recovery, this is simply not true. There is a crucial window of time where the body can repair itself and develop at an accelerated rate after exercise. This is due to hormonal changes within the body during intense exercise, but the changes are temporary and return to normal rapidly.

Everything about recovery nutrition is about the speed at which nutrients can get from the mouth to the cellular level. This window is a roller coaster curve, greatest immediately after exercise, and rapidly declining. Ingestion of solid food can take hours to digest, empty the stomach, enter the blood stream, and arrive at the cellular level. At this point, the hormonal window is long gone, and no added benefits from nutrition can occur. Solid food simply takes too long to capitalize on the window of opportunity. The Fluid drink line is based on supplying the body with the right balance of the right nutrients at the right time.

Exercise can provide wonderful benefits, but it can also be stressful on the body. It can break down muscle, inflame joints and tendons, cause soreness, compromise the immune system, empty glycogen stores, cause dehydration, upset electrolyte balance, and put the body into a needed state of repair. We understand these needs well, and designed Fluid with the athlete in mind. Fluid provides the body with all the essential nutrients to begin the rebuilding process. It is like no other drink on the market because it’s made from the highest quality ingredients available with the sole purpose of replenishing the body to its full potential.

David Brown considers himself an educator, entreprenuer, and family man. His education is from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo where he received both is B.S and M.S. in Nutritional Science and Biochemistry. He is also a USA Triathlon Certified Coach, Certified Personal Trainer, and co-founder of Fluid Sports Nutrition. He enjoys writing about science, travel, food, and adult beverages.

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