Psychic Self-Defense – Tips To Make It Part Of Your Daily Life

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Psychic Self-Defense – Tips To Make It Part Of Your Daily Life

In today’s technology-drive world, life has become automated and habitual. We have become dependent on technology to communicate with each other and to make important decisions. We like to think that technology makes our lives easier, but many question that assumption. Rather, technology can become a task-master, creating work it was supposed to save and complicating the simple.

Overwhelmed by information and events, people easily believe what they’re told and stop thinking for themselves. Our daily lives are governed by the laws rules of our society. Many developed societies are so focused on wealth and material possessions that they dismiss and disbelieve things of the spirit.

With estrangement from the mystical and spiritual aspects of life comes corruption of values and domination of negative influences. Calling them luxuries, we engage in sloth, covetousness, and gluttony. And in the fight to win more “luxuries,” many people find negative emotions boiling up. Anger, hatred, and violence are evidence of increasing social gaps, feelings of isolation and deprivation, and general discontent with life.

There is a solution, though it may not become part of pop culture. Spiritual development and psychic self-defense are critical to shield us against the negative energies abundant in the world today. They’re effective armament against stress, anxiety, and despair.

All matter contains energy. As human beings, our energy radiates from us in what we call the aura. People with good physical health, positive mental attitudes, and spiritual strength have strong bright auras. People who are ill, pessimistic, or spiritually poor have weak dark auras. When negative energy dominates a person, they can actually drain the energy or aura of healthy people. We call this a psychic attack.

We defend ourselves from psychic attacks by developing spiritually and strengthening our aura. This process of inner healing and self-development takes time, effort, and patience. But the rewards of the work are abundant.

The positive energy and strength revealed by a strong bright aura leads to greater understanding, compassion, and prosperity. Negative energy revealed by a weak dark aura lead to anxiety, intolerance, struggle, and despair. Eliminating negative energies from our body, mind, and spirit encourages spiritual growth and development and counters negative influences from outside. A strong spiritual life and health aura are a shield against psychic attacks.

When you embark on the journey of spiritual development, the first step is reducing and eliminating your negative energies. This requires thoughtful introspection and honesty about your weaknesses and strengths. It involves replacing negative thoughts and feelings with positive ones. It means changing our daily routines and habits – eating a healthy diet, exercising, building relationships, and nurturing the spirit.

There is a set of tools and techniques to help us on this journey. Meditation is the most powerful of all the tools. It quiets internal voices and stills negative energies. It helps us find and develop our inner strengths. It reduces stress and increases natural joy. Meditation is a powerful tool for spiritual development that increases positive energies and helps build a strong protective aura.

Other practices also help. Yoga prepares the body for effective meditation by training us to relax the body and learn to breathe properly. Naturopathy, aromatherapy, and color therapy are excellent ways to nurture positive outlook and energy. Exposure to nature through long walks and quiet reflection in a natural setting also free us to eliminate negative energies.

Building a strong core of positive energy is essential for psychic self-defense. This means reaching and releasing repressed abilities like intuition. It means bringing your creative nature to the surface. It means creating a physical and mental environment where your spirit can grow and thrive. It means finding and nurturing your true self. The more authentic you are, the stronger your aura and psychic self-defense.

You can find other techniques that help you personally. Anything that promotes concentration also restores natural positive energy. Anything that stimulates positive thoughts and emotions in you also strengthens your spirit and your aura. Anything that allows you to relax and enjoy a wholesome life also allows you to grow spiritually.

You don’t need medication or surgery to remove or avoid negative energy. You don’t need treatment centers and psychotherapy. You need a healthy body, an alert mind, healthy emotions, and a sense of your personal relationship to the universe.

These methods have been used by sages and holy people since man began to write down his thoughts and history. They are fundamental to spiritual growth and psychic health. They allow us to clear guilt and shame away, replacing those with joy and self-respect.

Every step in your spiritual journey will bring a new discovery, a new surprise. You will become happier, more self-confident, and more productive. You will contribute to a healthier, more positive society as well.

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