Protein May Be the Largest Nutritional Factor in Determining Your Height

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Protein May Be the Largest Nutritional Factor in Determining Your Height

What may be the largest nutritional factor in determining the success of your post-adolescence height growth is the macronutrient protein.

Protein allows the human body to perform many functions and is imperative to proper muscle development and strength. You don’t have to be an Olympic-class athlete or huge bodybuilder to need protein. Every human needs protein – especially those of us that want to grow taller.

At its most basic level, protein is used at a cellular level by cells to reproduce and repair. It is for this reason that people that suffer from protein deficiency are much shorter in stature, are weaker, and often tragically suffer from a wide variety of ailments, including in some cases, death.

But when protein is adequately utilized in a healthy diet – along with proper exercise and specific stretching – it can be one of the most powerful weapons in your arsenal to grow taller naturally.

Protein can be found in much of the food that we eat daily, but the trick is to eat foods that are high in protein but contain low or at least moderately low levels of fat and cholesterol. For example, most fish is a great source of protein and is usually low in fat (other than omega-3 fatty acids, which are also good for you) so it is a great source of protein. On the other hand, ground hamburger meat can be high in fat, even if it is labeled as being “lean” when compared to leaner meats such as fish.

Eggs, milk, yogurt, chicken breast, and even soy are all great places to find healthy protein. Maintaining a healthy ratio of protein to fat, however, is crucial for overall optimal health; and maintaining optimal health is, in turn, crucial for gaining height after puberty.

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