Prevent Hair Loss Through Stress Management

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Prevent Hair Loss Through Stress Management

Reducing stress can actually help you prevent premature hair loss. Stress has been known to be one of the major causes of rapid hair loss among both men and women. When a person undergoes stress, his or her body systems all go out of whack and there can be some abnormal changes in the production of hormones which can then affect the healthy growth of hair. However, the effects of stress on hair growth can be reversed by doing some activities that can help reduce stress.

Consider the following easy stress management techniques in order to stop hair loss due to stress factors:

Deep Breathing

This is a simple exercise that you can do any time of the day, anywhere. Just take a deep breath, hold for a count of 3-5 and then exhale. Repeat the exercise several times until you feel more relaxed.

Positive Self Talk

Whenever you feel like there are too many things happening at the same time and you are having a hard time handling the events of the day, do some positive self talk. Tell yourself that you are capable of handling the challenges and that you will survive whatever difficulties you are having at the moment. Repeat this mantra many times during the day and you will feel more relaxed and confident that things will be better.


Meditation has long been recognized as an effective way to handle stress. Find yourself a quiet place either inside your home or office or even outdoors. You could listen to some audio tapes that are available online that can help you calm your thoughts. Meditation requires deep concentration, that’s why people who go through deep meditation usually utter a monotonous single syllable that can induce their minds to focus. It can calm the nerves, and relax the body.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation Techniques

This is a technique that you can use to relax the different muscle groups. You can contract one set of muscles, hold them in one position for the longest time you could hold them and then relax. Do the same with other muscle groups of the body. You can then feel the tension being released slowly.

Stress is a part of everyday life, but we do not have to fall victim to it all the time. Try any of the above stress management techniques and you will not only be preventing hair loss, but you will also achieve a healthier mind and body.

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