Powerful Law Of Attraction Tips For Manifesting Desires

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Powerful Law Of Attraction Tips For Manifesting Desires

The law of attraction is always at work in your life, regardless of whether you realize it or not. The problem is, if you don’t pay attention to your thoughts and emotions – essentially, to the “vibrations” you are sending out to the Universe, the law of attraction may be working against you. Following are some law of attraction tips to help you make some changes so it is working in your favor – i.e., so you are attracting those things which you desire into your life, whether it be financial freedom, loving relationships, romance, good health or the home of your dreams.

Be Very Clear About What You Do Want

Of all the law of attraction tips, being very clear about what you want is one of the most important. Often, when people first learn about the law of attraction and try to make changes in their thought processes and emotions, they make a list of the things they really desire in their life. If you have done this, chances are you did something which many people do: you created a list with things such as “more money”, “a better job”, “lose weight” and so on.

The problem with a list like that is that it is too vague. To help you better understand this first of the law of attraction tips, let’s use the example of “more money”, as that is a desire almost everyone has. The problem with that statement is that “more” money could mean a couple extra dollars coming your way this month (which probably isn’t going to get you very excited!) or it could mean a million dollars coming into your life.

You need to be much more specific; you need to let the Universe know exactly how much “more money” you want. The same principle applies to everything else on that list. If you want to lose weight, then be very specific how much weight. Is it 5 pounds or 50 pounds? The clearer you are about your desire, the more likely you are to attract it into you life. This principle is really at the core of all law of attraction tips; clarity goes a long way.

Visualize it, Using All Your Senses

Another one of the most important and powerful law of attraction tips is to visualize whatever it is you desire, as if you had it right now. Often, with visualization, people don’t engage their other four senses. Rather than just picturing the object of your desire in your mind, you also need to imagine what it smells like, what it sounds like, what it tastes like (if applicable, of course!) and what it feels like to touch it.

Here’s an example of this second of the law of attraction tips. Let’s say you desire to attract a brand new BMW. When you visualize it (and do this at least once or twice a day), imagine how it would feel driving the car. How does the seat feel as you sit in it? How does it feel to hold the steering wheel? What does the car smell like? What does it sound like as you turn the engine on and drive down the road? And of course, what does it look like? Be very specific. What color is the exterior? What color is the car’s interior? You get the idea.

There are entire books written which give you tons of great law of attraction tips. But if you start applying the two listed here on a regular basis, you will definitely start attracting the things you truly desire.

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