Powerful Beginning to Your New Life

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Powerful Beginning to Your New Life

What do New Year’s Day, the first pitch of the season for the Yankees or even the beginning of a school year have in common? They are all new beginnings! They are first moments that propel you forward to a fresh start. A point where you can put your stake in the ground and say this one will be different. It will be better in some way or at least as good as the last one.

But how do you start over without a beginning point to launch you into action? Divorce is about loss and endings but as you know whenever there is an ending there is also a beginning! After divorce it often feels like someone has taken your life and tossed all the pieces high in the air and they have landed all over the place and everything is very out of order. Chaos reigns!!! So you pick yourself up and shake off the dust. Now what? A new beginning is on the horizon, yet there is no clear starting line for your new life.

If you feel stuck at the starting gate, then perhaps a ritual will be the key to unlock the door to your future! Rituals are used in all walks of life. We perform rituals at such things as wedding ceremonies, baptisms, graduations or any new beginning. It would even be considered a ritual when the mayor cuts the ribbon in a ceremony for a new project in his or her city. If you are ready to cut the ribbon and begin your new life then you will want to design your own ritual to get you moving in a positive direction. Below are some tips to get you started.

Tips to design your ritual.

- Rituals can be preformed alone but it is very beneficial to have at least one witness that has your best interest at heart. It adds validation to your intention.

- Gather items that have meaning for you and at least one candle to make your alter. Fresh flowers add life and beauty. Add a picture of you that makes you smile!

- Write your own inspiring words or borrow words from a quote or poem you love. – You will want to dress for the occasion. Attention to details will add power and grace!

- Have a way to play your favorite music.

- Have fun planning…be mindful of whatever you need to create the best experience! Now you are ready to begin.

Elaborate or simple, you get to chose.

Start by stating your intention. An example would be: “Today I begin a powerful journey. I intend to discover who I am and have a life that is filled with joy, love and abundance.” Make up an intention that best suits you and your life. Then light your candle and ask the person who joined you (if you decided to have a witness) to say a few positive words about you. Depending on your religious beliefs you might want to add prayer or whatever feels authentic to you. Music is always a wonderful touch. Play songs that inspire you. Read your poem or inspirational writing and end with a demonstration of movement. You can cross an imaginary or real bridge as a symbol of movement into your future or you can cut a ribbon that allows you to walk forward. Finally use parting words that encourage you to put your stake in the ground for you and your new life, as you blow out your candle.

WELL DONE, you have now started your new life! This first step is very powerful. You may want to take yourself out to lunch or dine with a friend. For more tips or inspiration about how you might conduct your own ritual contact Coach Judith. Email

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