Personal Growth – Setting Priorities in Life and Redeeming Time

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Personal Growth – Setting Priorities in Life and Redeeming Time

Opportunities are not easy to come by as one may think. Most of the time chances come in a camouflaged manner. Therefore someone needs to be very observant and keen to notice and seize an opportunity. Time is the world’s most valuable resource. Unlike in other instances where something is stolen and later recovered, when it comes to time it is never redeemable. Someone once said, times flies and waits for no man, I completely concur.

A minute lost is never regained. One ought to prioritize what he wants to achieve in life and remain focused if he/she is to accomplish anything at all. It is advisable to major on the most urgent and important issues first. If you concentrate on less important issues, it is a guarantee you will deviate from the path that leads to achievement.

There are things that are good and healthy but they may not be necessarily important at the moment and therefore can be cancelled to create room and time for more urgent issues.

When setting priorities, someone should take their time to analyze and be sure whether what they are doing is of significance. Caution and prudence should be exercised at all times and coupled with rationality.

As much as someone is talented, he/she can easy lose his/her destiny once an opportunity to exploit or exhibit his/her talent is lost. A wise man seizes opportunities as they appear and not after. Wisdom calls for the getting of solutions early. The saddest summary of one’s life would be to say I, “could have”, “should have” or “might have done”.

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