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Personal Growth – Inner Jewels of Great Business People

One of the things that most people fail to realize about themselves is that God created each person fully equipped with abilities to accomplish anything they choose to pursue, if only they can believe in themselves. As a singer once sang, “I believe I can fly” It’s true that anyone who believes in him/herself can literally fly.

You were created to achieve things that nobody else has ever thought could be accomplished. A great scientist long time ago stood in a great meeting and declared that it was impossible to have a heavier than air machine fly. Surprisingly, his sons were the first to invent an air craft. What an irony!

You are not insignificant as you or someone else might think. God made and equipped you for a unique purpose. If you say you are not capable, then you will definitely not succeed in your life endeavors. Most people are afraid to start a business online simply because they’re scared to fail or are waiting for favorable circumstances. Time waits for no man. Implement your business idea now, tomorrow might be too late. For as long as you are stuck with saying, tomorrow I’ll start; you’ll never accomplish anything in life.

“The woods would be very silent if the only birds that were allowed to sing were those that made the sweetest sound” John Masson.

The point is, begin that business today, buy books that offer the best business ideas, and eventually with time the Jewell of greatness will be revealed in you. You will climb the highest hills, fly the highest skies and do amazing things such as never witnessed before, if only you believe in yourself and in him who created you

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