Paul Turner: Music and Spirituality

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Paul Turner: Music and Spirituality

Australian singer-songwriter Paul Turner has a unique style of acoustic music and songwriting, finding inspiration in artistssuch as Bob Dylan and Ben Harper, just to name a few.

 Paul, a native Australian, has traveled the world and has gained an appreciation for art and music. His experiences on the road has provided him with the material to write amazing songs, reflecting his interests in spirituality and the meditation.
Spirituality plays an important role in his Paul Turner’s music. His songs reflect his passion of trying to reach a deeper understanding and experiencing everything the world has to offer.
Mixing the genres of folk music and popular music, Paul Turner has created a sound that is timeless and unforgettable.  His voice is powerful and his guitar playing skills superb.  His latest album, Clear Blue, has broken boundaries and set the new standards for the way music should be.

His style is sometimes referred to as meditation music, because it draws listeners into that state of deep relaxation and reflection.  His travels and experiences have given him an abundant source of material from which his imagination can draw from, telling stories in his songs that are rich and vibrant.

Nobody can deny the powerful qualities of his music.

Paul did not begin his career as a singer-songwriter until he had backpacked across America, where he had heard a song called Classical Gas. This song gave him the desire to learn how to play the guitar and when he returned to his native Australia, he began to learn the instrument. 

Since then he has written many works of art, beautifully portraying his experiences in his finger style guitar music.  His music is a reflection of his vibrant spirit. He’s able to reach deep down into the human soul to pull up something magical and brilliant to share with audiences.

His songs are like rich and colorful landscapes, drawing in the listener and holding them.  Paul’s intention is to spread positive energy in the world by telling his stories of travel and meditation.  Through listening to his music, listeners might be able to reach a deeper understanding of themselves and will have a different outlook on life.

Paul Turner is a guide on the spiritual journey that helps people open up to the true nature of themselves. With his mesmerizing guitar playing and powerful and haunting voice, Paul Turner gives audiences something that’s is rarely heard in today’s musical scene.

He hopes his new album, Clear Blue, will captivate audiences and entertain them with his stories and deep appreciation for life and beauty.  He wants to give them something that is substantial and unique. 

Music is just one medium to help people become more positive and optimistic in a rough world.  By incorporating spirituality and music, Paul Turner is able to enter a realm where few artists go.  He is able to take audiences along with them on a ride that they will never forget.

He hopes that with his music he will be able to inspire appreciation for beauty and life in everybody.

Australian singer songwriter Paul Turner started out in the music industry at 30, his song writing is inspired by nature, travel and meditation. Paul Turner’s music genre has been described in many ways as folk music, indie music, roots and blues music, meditation music and Australian rock music.

Paul Turner’s fans can listen to his music at

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