Panic Disorder: Tips You Can Use To Control Panic Attacks

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Panic Disorder: Tips You Can Use To Control Panic Attacks

Panic attacks can have a significant impact in your life and can even interfere with your work and social relationships.  They can range from mild to debilitating, preventing you from going out and doing the things you normally did.  They can also place a dent in your self-esteem.  It is important that you know how to control panic attacks. If you want to conquer your panic attacks, here are some tips on how to control panic attacks:

Find the trigger.
All panic attacks have a trigger.  Find out what yours is . Panic attacks usually occur during times of stress or times when you feel helpless or confined.  Closed spaces and small quarters, for example, can trigger a panic attack.  So will the thought of facing a group of people whether for a meeting, presentation or public speech.

Learn to find the pattern of occurrence of your attacks and you\’ll be better at predicting them.  If you know what causes your panic attacks, you can better prepare for them before they occur and be able to control panic attacks and your negative feelings.

Learn relaxation techniques.
Relaxation techniques help train the mind to control itself in situations where panic attacks usually occur.  By learning to relax, you teach your body to follow your mind and control panic attacks. 

Learn meditation or self-hypnosis, which are both effective for helping you clear your mind and reduce muscle tension and heart rate. They also work well with helping you gain better control of your breathing and your reactions in case of another panic attack.  Practice these techniques for at least 20 minutes everyday to control panic attacks.

Learn to breathe properly.
Breathing is the key to learning how to control panic attacks.  Learn the proper technique by lying on a flat surface or sitting on a chair.  By keeping your spine straight and closing your eyes, picture your diaphragm as your center. 

Place a hand over the area and draw in a breath slowly, using a count of 5 and then breathe out slowly.  Repeat this for at least 20 times until you find your rhythm and your body begins to relax.  During this exercise, think of being in a peaceful and safe place and repeat to yourself reassuring statements such as, \”I am in a safe place.  Nothing will harm me.  There is no danger to my person.  I am safe.\”

Next time a panic attack threatens you, use this breathing technique to calm yourself.  Regardless of where you are, remember this technique and use it to control panic attacks.

Check your diet.
Diet plays a big part in making you more susceptible to panic and anxiety attacks.  Certain foods like caffeine, salt and nicotine for example, should be taken in moderation.  Caffeine and nicotine are known stimulants and can increase your nervousness and agitation while salt hinders the normal functioning of the nervous system.

Get enough sleep.
If you suffer from panic attacks, make sure you get a good rest every night.  If your body is well rested, your mental and physical abilities are more in tuned to each other when you wake up. You are less likely to react without thinking or give in to panic attacks if you\’re refreshed and feeling in control. 

See a doctor.
If your panic attacks are severe, it might be time to seek professional help to control panic attacks. Some symptoms can be too much even for you to handle, in which case you might benefit from prescription medication or even professional counseling to control panic attacks. Don’t be afraid to seek help. You are not alone in your condition and there are a lot of sources you can turn to for assistance if you will only ask.

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