Pain-free Childbirth Just a CD Away?

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Pain-free Childbirth Just a CD Away?

“It’s all in your mind.”  We’ve all heard this before but when it comes to pregnancy and labor, there’s certainly more to this saying than you think!

Your thoughts, negative or positive are very powerful.  They play an integral part in your day to day life… and can have a direct impact on your physical body.   Knowing how your body reacts to stress is extremely helpful in having a healthy body, but never more so than when you’re pregnant. For example, it is believed that when a woman is nervous during labor, her body tenses and the uterus closes up. This prolongs childbirth and makes labor more painful. Engaging in relaxation techniques will make your delivery more enjoyable.

Relaxation techniques are an excellent tool to not only treat physical pain but also emotional fear and anxiety. The theory behind relaxation is that as you focus on breathing and calm thoughts, your uterus becomes less tense and opens up. A common visualization technique is to imagine yourself walking down a beach, and relaxing more and more with each step you take. When you practice visualization frequently, you can focus on these images to distract and alleviate your pain.

A new mom-to-be can and should do most of her relaxation preparation BEFORE a single contraction begins.   However, many people find it extremely difficult to reach this level of relaxation on their own. You see the challenge is using your conscious mind to get you into this state of relaxation every time. This is where guided relaxation is very helpful.

Guided imagery CD’s direct your thoughts and actions toward a relaxed, focused state. They will do this for you each and every time.  You’ll be surprised how easily you will be able reach this state of total relaxation.  For many, just hearing another soothing voice can eliminate distractions and allow you to relax quicker. This is why you are advised to have a labor coach. You and your partner should work together with a CD to help you through this process.

But remember, it is very important that you don’t wait for labor to start before you learn to relax. It takes time to increase your ability to not be distracted, and you won’t have the time you need once labor starts. Give yourself the gift of time and relaxation.  Begin practicing with guided imagery CD’s  early in your pregnancy and your final outcome can only help pave the way for a smooth childbirth!

Diane Rusk is a mother of two, former TV journalist and creator of Labor of Love –

a relaxation CD for pregnant women. Her CD uses guided imagery to visual a positive birthing experience!

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