Nutritional Benefits from Sparkling Water

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Nutritional Benefits from Sparkling Water

Every consumer out there has one thing in common. All of them seek out the nutritional quality in the food they buy. They make sure that what they give to their family is fresh and nutritious. With the variety of food available in the market, it is hard to pin point the good ones from the bad. Let’s take for example the carbonated or soda water drinks. It has been a subject of debate for a certain amount of time if soda water really has any nutrients or nutritional benefits.

First, what is soda water? It is a carbonated water that undergoes carbonation, which dissolves the carbon dioxide in a liquid solution. It often has sodium bicarbonate (baking soda). Based on recent studies there are nutritional benefits that can be acquired in carbonated drinks most specifically the soda water or more commonly known as sparkling water.

Nutritional facts of Soda Water

- Soda water can be bought anywhere. They can also be homemade with the use of soda chargers and soda siphon. If you choose to make it at home, you can be sure of its nutritional contents. You can make it healthier by not adding sugar, colors, preservatives, sweeteners, fruit concentrate. You may even experiment on the flavors and add in different organic flavors.

- Because of these added organic ingredients they can be a sugary drink as well, thus making it an instant energy source for all those who are drop dead tired after a hectic day.

- Water doesn’t have any added chemical or alcohol content and so it is naturally safe. Soda water is mainly composed of water and carbon dioxide which practically just water and gas, no calories. So it doesn’t have any harmful effects.

- Most often than not, we experience stomach upset. One may tend to have a bloated feeling sometimes even constipation. It is noted that drinking soda water can help relieve mild indigestion and that gassy feel because of the presence of sodium bicarbonate. It will help you burp and calm your stomach.

- In addition, sodium bicarbonate has always been an aid to fight back harmful bacteria especially in your stomach.

- Apart from its good effects, soda water was known to help regulate your acidity levels. Carbonation reduces the availability of free oxygen in a soda, and it can reduce the pH (acidity) of a liquid by a small amount.

- Soda water is also used as an ingredient in antiseptic pastes to ease skin problems like itching, caused due to insect stings, sunburns and heat rash.

- It is also a suggested drink for athletes as it helps in storing lactic acid thereby enhancing exercising activities.

- Carbonation also has therapeutic applications in particular the delivery of vitamin supplements whereby the carbonation of the active ingredients allows for a faster and more efficient delivery of nutrients.

The benefits we can get from soda water are endless. Instead of gulping down unhealthy soda from the supermarket, it would be better for our health that we make our own healthier soda water.

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