Nutrition: Processed Foods

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Nutrition: Processed Foods

Hunter-gatherers are what humans have evolved to be over the last quarter of a million years. The diet of early humans would vary quite a bit depending on their location and climate. For people in more tropical regions, their diet tended to be based more heavily on plant foods. The diet at higher latitudes tended to include more animal products.
Agricultural development began about 10,000 years ago. This gave humans grains such as wheat, rice, potatoes, corn, and staples such as bread and pasta. The development of a farming culture provided milk and dairy products, and greatly increased the availability of meats and vegetables.

The Industrial Revolution changed the diet of humans around 200 years ago. New technologies that allow food to remain fresher for longer periods of time before spoiling were invented and the food processing industry was born. These new technologies have also changed the natural way food appears in nature.

Pasteurization is one of the leading processes that are used to allow food to last longer, but it also alters the food’s original nutritional content. While pasteurization and other methods of prolonging food storage have improved the safety of many foods and prevent bacterial infection, they also have some negative effects as well.

Your bodybuilding diet is a key component in your program to add muscle and aid in your weight training program. A Good bodybuilding program will address all the issues of losing weight, reducing fat, building and toning muscle and in actually sculpting the body.

Bodybuilding nutrition is so important that you might want to consult a professional nutritionist. A bodybuilding diet is different than common weight loss diets. With a Bodybuilding diet your focus will be on eating the foods that will help you build lean muscle mass and power.

First of all you need to be very clear about what your goals are. If you are an elite athlete and you or your trainer knows exactly what you are doing, supplements will be a benefit, If you are a competitive body builder and you want to build serious muscle mass then supplements can play a very important role in muscle recovery, but if you just want to lose some weight you do not need to use supplements. A healthy diet and regular exercise will get your there.

Our “natural balance” can be ill-affected when we suffer any illness, pain, stress or strain, but under normal circumstances, we do have the choice of what we eat, how we eat and when we eat it. These all important choices, coupled with all the available information and expert advice available to us today, leaves us in the position of being able to eat healthy and live life to the fullest. The choices are there, we need to choose wisely.

We are bombarded with varying information and can easily become confused about what is “good for us,” due to the constant flow of new and “improved” dietary and nutritional facts and figures. One day, we seem to be informed by some “expert,” that something is good for our health, then following some short time after that, we are informed that it is, in fact, bad for us! I only recommend a few core supplements that work and these supplements work for mass, athletes, muscle growth, weight loss, skinny guys and bodybuilding. This is one of my favorite PRE WORKOUT and POST WORKOUT supplements. For FULL DISCLOSURE, Yes, I earn a small commission on these supplements but use that to make more videos for YOU. Just so you know. You can pick it up this exact product here: Let me know if you have questions on this one. vince
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