Nutrisport – Nutrition For A Maximum Performance

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Nutrisport – Nutrition For A Maximum Performance

Current research analytics indicate that the protein requirement is 0.8g to 0.9g/kg of body weight for healthy people who are less active. But visits to the gym would sure boost the requirement for additional nutrition proportionate to the level and intensity of the work out. Moreover, studies have shown that the inclusion of protein in sports recovery drinks can improve recovery periods and largely reduce post exercise stress and fatigue after strenuous training. Muscle glycogen has the capability to provide energy for some high intensity work outs but once these reserves are used up and depleted, the muscles have a tendency to become fatigued and might result in cramps, that is why we see people religiously sipping their energy shakes and health drinks after strenuous workouts. Unless Muscle glycogen is replaced immediately after exercise you won’t feel fit and be ready for other activities during the day and to recover in time for the next day workout. It has been found that the post exercise muscle glycogen synthesis is 40 – 50% faser with a carbohydrate/protein mixtures compared with carbohydrate only drinks. The presence of protein appears to enhance insulin secretion primarily influenced by the carbohydrates, producing an increased rate of muscle glycogen synthesis. Looking at the many hundred option available in the sports nutrition scene, Nutrisport products have a following that is hard to beat, and the reason being drinks like Nutrisport Protein and Complex Carbs, which now comes added with Creatine ethyl ester, Creatine monohydrate, l-glutamine, arginine alpha ketoglutarate, lysine and a lot more to create an ‘all in one power packed protein drink’. Nutrisport claims that there are enough muscle building ingredients in its drink to rival any off the better know ‘all in ones‘ and that too at a faction off their price. A maximum of 2-3 shakes off the new Nutrisport ‘all in one‘ a day and you wont ever have to think about the countless other supplements on the market today. The Nutrisport Protein+Complex Carbohydrates fuels muscle growth and accelerate fat loss with the ideal blended ratio of complex carbohydrates and whey protein thus positioning itself as an ideal, dynamic, supplement that can be adapted for muscle growth and fat burning whatever your sport. Nutrisport is one of Europe‘s leading manufacturers of sports nutrition and unlike many competitors, Nutrisport designs and manufactures their own products at the Nutrisport factory which enables them to deliver a wide range of products, all manufactured with great care and to the highest of standards. That is the reason that the brand name Nutrisport commands such respect in the sports circles, among high performance athletes and body builders, in particular. Some health drinks, shakes and supplements are made famous by marketing, chile some grow on their own from word of mouth or testimonials from users of the particular brand. Nutrisport is one such brand that made it big due to its result oriented sports nutrition products like 90+Protein, ATP Muscle Fuel, All Whey and Amino Bomb to mention a few. The sales figures of these Nutrisport shakes, drinks and supplements are the true indicators as to the positive effects of what high impact sports nutrition does to anybody who is into weights and workouts and that is why Nutrisport is No.1 in all of Europe.

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