No Dreams No Motivation No Visions for Your Future Then You Can Correct This Learn to Create a Vision or Dream Board No Cost at Home Improve Your Life

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No Dreams No Motivation No Visions for Your Future Then You Can Correct This Learn to Create a Vision or Dream Board No Cost at Home Improve Your Life

Are you having problems focusing on your future?

 It’s time to set up a Vision or Dream Board for yourself.   There is no time like the present moment.    You already have everything at home. So let’s get started!

Collect all those old Magazines that you have been threatening to throw away for months. FIND the glue and SCISSORS   Find a large piece of card or old board lying in the garage.   This can be as big as you want. If you feel very motivated, the bigger the better. Find a photograph that you feel you look good in,  preferably one with you smiling.   This must be atleast an A5 size.   Place this in the middle of the board and glue.

Remember if you find it difficult to picture yourself making a huge Vision Board, make a small small Board, with enough pictures  on that get you excited and motivated.   You will grow into a big board once you get stsrted this I gaurantee!

Now the fun starts  go through the magazines ,cutting out whatever you suddenly feel you would like to achieve, own, look like or do.   ANYTHING GOES, have fun with this.

Pictures of destination choices, travel to other places are a good start   Plane or boats  pictures for forms of transport 

. Motivational sayings. Pictures of people who look the way you wish to look like. Things you are going to own etc. A home you would like to own, the gardens you would love to have.

When you have a pile of pictures from the Magazines, you can now start forming some kind of order. For example the most urgent of your visions or goals to the real extra luxuary ones.

 When I made my personal board I cut out dollar notes from pictures and filled all the gaps on the card with these lovely little green things. it looks marvelous. no empty spots.

I also found some pictures of people who were meditating and added these. I have since started my own little form of meditation.  My style no frills.  But this I will cover on my web.

Once you have sorted all your pics, you now can begin placing them strategically around your picture which is right in the middle of the board.  

I emphasise    (Make sure it is a pic you like) as you will be staring at this face for a l while or untill you achieve all your goals you have set. (You know you will not give up before you have achieved all? RIGHT?)

 My Board  is 18 month old already. I still use it every morning and every night, without fail.     It can be a long time before you reach ALL of your goals as some are very long term and some are short term. Remember you must have Life Time Goals aswell as immediate Goals. 

When you have stuck all the pictures up on your board, leaving a frame open all around the edges you must now color this in with bright yellow paint or pen.   This will help make the whole Vision lighten up and become more realistic. 

When this wonderful piece of art of yours is complete find a place centre bottom and write this. 

 I am forever in Gratitude for all the Wonderful things the Universe gives me and all theses things and more will manifest in my life in appropriate time.

This can be in fairly large print in order to read it every time you look at your Vision Board.

I wish you all the best with this project and would love to hear fom you as to how you are attaining goals.

Have a Magic Day


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