Natural Selling Changes Your Perceptions of Selling Forever

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“Traditional techniques of good closing and objection handling do not increase your chances of success!”
When you think of selling, you might think of the fast-talking, hard-closing, manipulative, objection-handling salesperson.

Whether you are new to selling or are an experienced professional, these negative thoughts can fill you with apprehension, distaste or fear which will ultimately limit your success.

Recent studies have shown that the traditional techniques of good closing and objection handling do not increase your chances of success! Nor does describing all the advantages of your product or service to your customer. Also, contrary to traditional opinion, good product presentation skills are not prerequisites to building credibility for you and your company!

Natural Selling
A proven effective, alternative to traditional, manipulative selling techniques is Natural Selling. With Natural Selling approaches you will never have to sell or push your product. You will never again handle objections or close a sale – and you will enjoy dramatically better results.

Natural Selling teaches relaxed ways of attracting prospective customers and developing relationships with them. It’s a pull process that focuses on treating people the way you would like to be treated rather than the conventional push approach.

If you’re not meeting your sales expectations, try following a few of the proven effective Natural Selling principles:

Don’t Present Product
Don’t do it! If you present, you assume you know what the buyer wants. You and the buyer should discuss the buyer’s problem together, after which you demonstrate the specific advantages and benefits of your solution. How? By asking questions – carefully thought out, well-structured questions.

Don’t Close, Question
Closing is manipulative and uncomfortable for buyers and interestingly enough, for most sellers.

Closing is what a salesperson does when he is trying to force a buyer to do something they don’t want to do. The old adage “close early and often” is not appropriate for today’s sophisticated buyers. The commitment to buy should be the end result of a natural, structured process of probing with the right questions at the right time. Natural Sales people listen carefully to the meaning of the answers, and know how to respond to them. Literally, the buyer will sell him or herself!

Having to handle objections usually means you’ve focused on features and solutions too early. “Prevention” is the key here. Once again, excellent questioning, listening, and response skills will comfortably eliminate most objections. Either that or you might both discover early in the meeting there really isn’t a problem to be solved, and therefore no sale to be made.

Know Your Customer
Learn the product or service you offer thoroughly and understand how the features and advantages can benefit the unique and specific requirements of your customer. Remember that customers don’t buy products or things; they buy what they will do for them – personally!

All in Due Time
The correct use of “emotional benefits” is a key to sales success. But use them only after you’ve probed to uncover the parts of your product that means something to your customer. Your purpose as a salesperson is not to sell but to solve your customer’s problems! Your role is more of a consultant than a product pusher.

Your Natural Best
The best salespeople are good questioners, who know how to listen, and are sensitive to the real needs of buyers.

If you know how to put yourself in your client’s shoes, how and when to ask the right questions, how to listen attentively to the real meaning of the answers and focus on satisfying the specific concerns of your prospect…your relationships will multiply and your revenues will soar!

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