Natural Cures for Fungal Infection, Athletes Foot, Ringworm and Yeast Infection

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Natural Cures for Fungal Infection, Athletes Foot, Ringworm and Yeast Infection

Fungal infections are the mixture of different types of infections and extra types of which is caused by fungi. These types of infection are quite ordinary and persistent. Even on the human body the infective particle of the fungi attracts towards the moist place where the circulating air is in less amount. Some ordinary types of fungal infection which infects the human body are athlete’s foot which affects the feet, jock itch which affects the region of groin.

The extra fungal infection is known as ringworm. It appears circular on the skin and tends to appear reddish. It heals slowly. Typically ring worm infects the region of groin or you can say particularly the moist area though it can affect any part of the body. Sometimes this fungal infection affects the bearded facial areas and the scalp. Due to this situation there may be hair loss. It can also reason vaginal yeast infection. Several of the characteristics symptoms of this infection are itching and annoyance in the infected area.

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Symptoms of Fungal Infection

Typically, the site of the infection determines the type of symptoms caused by it. Still, some ordinary signs and symptoms of Fungal Infections include inflammation, irritation, itching, redness of the skin, peeling, etc. Besides, several kinds of Fungal Infections can trigger allergic reactions as well. When Fungal Infections happen on the fingernails or toenails, they are known as Onychomycosis. It results in brittleness, discoloration, rough edges and other such problems in nails.

On the other hand, Fungal Infections in the lungs may lead to symptoms like fever, coughing, headaches, muscle aches, rashes and so on. Certain infections take months or even years before manifesting the symptoms. They cause progressive symptoms like weight loss, night sweats, chest pain etc. Acute and chronic Fungal Infections can cause permanent lung, organ, and bone damage. If not treated I time, they can become fatal too.

Causes of Fungal Infection

There are various kinds of fungal infections, and some of the general causes of these infections are:

1.    Sweaty, moist feet, or when people use public swimming pools or locker rooms, and wearing dirty shoes and socks are ordinary causes of fungal infections like athletes foot or toenail fungus.

2.    Moisture and sweat in the groin area, and poor hygiene can lead to fungal infections like thrush in the upper-thighs and in the groin area.

3.    Several fungal infections are contagious and can be caused because of physical contact with another person afflicted with this infection or throughout animals.

4.    A poor diet, low in nutrition can also weaken the immune system and make you more susceptible to fungal infections like yeast infections.

5.    Antibiotic medications can trigger off fungal infections as these medicines destroy healthy bacteria too while treating illnesses. When the healthy bacteria decrease, then fungal infections thrive in the body.

6.    Corticosteroids can also reason fungal infections as they weaken the immune system.

7.    People suffering from cancer, diabetes or immunity weakening diseases are susceptible to fungal infections.

Home Remedies to Avoid Fungal Infection

1.    In order to luxury most fungal infections, you can use the following home remedies to get relief. In addition, speak to a doctor, who can prescribe medicines for the similar.

2.    Apple cider vinegar can be used as an ointment for skin yeast infections.

3.    Yogurt is also a fine as both a topical application and diet snack for yeast infections.

4.    Relate baby oil mixed with vitamin E and aloe to decrease the itchiness.

5.    You can create a tonic by addition the extract of olive leaf and grape fruit seeds in a glass of water.

6.    Use tea tree oil to cure the fungal infections on the skin.

7.    Raw garlic can be a high-quality antidote for fungal infections.
While you can rub a clove of raw garlic on your skin, avoid bringing them with sensitive skin as around the genitals.

Diet for Fungal Infections

1.    Drink a lot of water, at least 8-10 glasses every day to flush out any toxins from the body. It boosts your immune system, and helps you fight off infections.

2.    Eat a lot of fresh, organic foods to reduce your chances of getting fungal infections and to treat the infection.

3.    Eat less of foods with trans fats or saturated fats, refined sugar and salt, monosodium glutamate (MSG), and other artificial ingredients.

4.    Eat a lot of garlic and onions.

5.    Add curd to your diet or salads.

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