Motivation Theory

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Motivation Theory

Motivation is defined as an internal drive that activates behavior and gives it direction. It can be very challenging trying to exercise consistently or maintaining your fitness routine. Before you know it, your back to where you started, or even farther from reaching your goal.

The term motivation theory is concerned with the processes that describes why and how human behavior is activated and directed. It is regarded as one of the most important areas of study in the field of organizational behavior. Maslow introduced five levels of basic needs through his theory. Basic needs are categorized as physiological needs, safety and security needs, needs of love, needs for self esteem and needs for self-actualization. The more successful we are at gaining these needs and experiencing the great feelings that we receive from them the more enjoyable are life will be. And if you haven’t noticed your fitness and health play a major role in these categories.

By exercising, your brain will release endorphins that will give you a great internal feeling which will contribute to having a positive mindset. Exercising has been proven to alleviate both physical and metal pain.  For me it can be a way to escape. Sometimes, life can get stressful or overwhelming and going to the gym or exercising in some way is a great way for me to ease my mind and not worry so much. Exercising has also been linked to curing  symptoms of depression which has become a big problem with many people in our society today.

Now lets talk about self esteem. By being physically active you increase your self-esteem because you start to look and feel better about yourself. When your feeling good about your self you accomplish those challenging goals you have set, you find yourself being more productive each day, and you begin to develop more relationships with people because they  see that glow in you and they want that feeling too. On the flip side if you don’t  figure out a way to become physically active you could develop low self-esteem which will keep you from enjoying life, doing the things you want to do, and working towards your personal goals.

Now we have self-actualization which is the feeling we get from achieving something. We humans feel great when we accomplish anything, it gives us a boost of energy, it multiplies are motivation, and gives us so much energy that we can share it with people around us. That is why I set fitness goals, because that is what keeps me going and every time I reach them, its like feeling up my tank to reach new and better goals that I have never even thought of.

By maintaining a fitness routine and making it a habit you will be more happy with yourself which will make you a more loving person and you will also be more secure within yourself which is very important to living a life filled with happiness.

I will be continuing to touch up on the critical subject of Fitness motivation.  Ill be updating this site with information about the importance of goal setting, tips for getting motivated, and the relationship between routines and habits……

Live with Energy!

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