Motivation by Observation for entreprenuers

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Motivation by Observation for entreprenuers

Hmm, an interesting title, but what do you mean? Well, it is simple really; just become motivated by observing others! I mean are you aware that most of the successful businesses and cash generating websites that you hear about all started small? And that they all started with an idea that soon became an action? Maybe you were lucky to witness a small local business near you that soon became large, successful and popular, be it a shop that sells watches, a restaurant or a bakery. Well for them to be successful, they had to exist. You hear that? They had to exist, the idea had to somehow escape out of someone’s mind into the real world. Right now you should focus on your mind. You can start small and Get BIG too.

What usually happens is this: As soon as you start to brainstorm, and then move on to find a potentially good idea, Mr Mind just walks in with a big orange brick wall and slaps it in your face! Mr Mind says: “Hey you know what, I want to stop you from doing something stupid. As soon as you create your business you may suffer losses. I mean do you really think you can be something out there? You will end up as a bakery just like any other, you must make sure that there will be a big market that will be willing to buy from you or at least become attracted to you.

When this happens, reach to your remote control on your right just on top of the couch and mute Mr Mind for good, then go ahead and jump over the wall and you will be on your way. Now you might say, this author is crazy, we both know that the result of an Idea or business is going to be either up or down, success or failure, a plus sign next to the figures or a negative sign. This is totally true but, let me give you something to really think about: The whole universe is governed by laws and rules, the earth you live in has laws and rules, social dynamics have laws and rules, your job has laws and rules, you see where im going? Success definitely has laws and rules. (Please forget the law of attraction im not talking about that, my ‘The Secret’ book is at the bottom of my book rack.)

So guess what, you will have to play along with the rules. Each industry, business, and situation has its own rules. The point is, the way you abide by and act on those rules will allow you to determine the fate of your idea, the fate of your business.

Now im going to take you on a ride to show you recent examples found online on the Internet(my Land of Opportunities.) If you haven’t guessed these examples, you will be very surprised just how many times you heard about them; I’m talking about two recent websites that now became social giants. Mr Facebook and Miss Twitter. Yeah those two websites, to me, are treasure islands that arose from the deep oceans. Now please just observe and reflect on the what I’m going to say: I want you to imagine yourself that you are the person who came up with facebook or twitter. Now I will ask you a question: Did you expect this huge popularity and success when you thought of implementing your idea? I mean did you expect anything near what you have achieved now? Go back in time, right there on that spot when you decided to turn your idea in to action and tell me what words will come out of your mouth. You may give me answers like a simple No, or you will just remain silent because you are so overwhelmed because you were not aware of the great hidden and unforeseen success of this mere idea. I mean look at that, Jack Dorsey, the guy who came up with the idea of twitter simply wanted to know what his friends where doing.

That was an idea, he decided to act on it and make it happen. And here is the best part: many people just loved the service, word of mouth started going on, more people knew about it, Popularity crash landed on Twitter’s roof and voila, success!

Who would have thought that a service that allows people to just type in a few sentences and post them will generate such a buzz? You see, some things are simple, possible and can happen.

I almost dozed off on my desk, so many words are fighting to escape from me but that is enough for now. My final words: Observe, Get Motivated, Think, Act, and dig up your own treasure island!

Im sorry to barge in again, I know when I say “final words from me and bla bla bla…” you will be saying: good, finally, I want to get off this page and start looking for my treasure. That’s great, that is all I want, please email me I want your feedback!

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