Motivation – What Works For You?

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Motivation – What Works For You?

Harvey Mackay, who wrote in a syndicated column for United Features stated, “People begin to become successful the minute they decide to be”.

Those words ring so true for the internet marketer as we battle daily the desire to create the lives of our dreams; writing ads, articles, blogs, press releases, etc. to convince others that the opportunity we present is wonderful. But in the early phases where generating traffic to our campaigns seems bleak, we wane in our confidence necessary to keep going.

So I ask again, Motivation – What Works For You?

Your motivation must be well defined, available immediately for personnel review and mental action, so as not to be tripped up by mis-steps. Each task we accomplish does not necessarily reduce the horizon behind us. These tasks however can provide education for later steps. To learn and understand the process increases our future success. Not all of us will have the ‘luck’ that some do with their ad campaigns. The chance that our words are acted on right away and a sale is made only is a promise of all the ‘gurus’ out their selling the next “best system on the internet today”.

For the vast majority, these numbers creep along slowly. Potential purchasers on the web are out there, it is just not every day that they visit our scribblings. Trying combinations of words in our campaigns that will eventually bring them our way is an arduous task. Those not getting sales may have given up too soon, or just never had that deep desire. Most information seekers ( these are what I believe are on the net ) are not “Wowed” the instant your campaigns are seen. However, there can be an attitude within your writing; combining words in ways that can be remembered.

In the book ‘Positive Thinking Every Day’ written by Norman Vincent Peale, he stated, “In every difficult situation is potential value. Believe this, then begin looking for it.” The value of the thought is to beginning each morning with the idea that todays actions will be the ones that work, must not leave your mind. Just as stated earlier, you really must believe that you will be successful while you are working to be. We are told many times to see our ultimate dream; see it daily to remind our minds why. Without it, what path should be taken when presente with several choices becomes laborous to choose? Thus, no action is then taken.

So I ask again, Motivation – What Works For You?

Define them what ever they may be, and make them a habit. You will see over time, those habits become natural, without thought, and your creative side will come forth. For no person was the best immediately. Your actions will define you. I will leave you with this final quote from Steven Covey from his book, ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’

“Between stimulus and response, one has the freedom to choose.”

It is yours to choose, yours to embrace, yours to overcome. Success happens out there, not from behind the windows. The motivation can not be measured, for the small victories of each accomplishment during each day, motivates the victories for tomorrow.

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Motivation Article – February 2009

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