Minimize Stress

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Minimize Stress

Stress is something that cannot be prevented. Here are some ways to minimize it.

Let’s face it; stress is a part of everyday life. It happens every time another person, an event or a thing makes a person uncomfortable. A person can easily get stressed just waking up in the morning so he won’t be late for work. Anybody who’s stuck in traffic gets stressed. Even people who hate warm weather experience it during a heat wave and summer and those who hate the cold are stressed in winter and even during fall. Sick people are stressed because they are not feeling well. Even babies get stressed. Not only people get stressed. Scientific studies have proven that even plants and animal get stressed. In short all living things experience stress at one point in their life.


Stress has many detrimental consequences not only to the body but also to the mind. It is no wonder the people in the city are prone to more illnesses that those in the country because of the higher stress level that they have. Because of this, it is important that people should pay attention to what their bodies are telling them. Sometimes people get used to stress that they do not know how much enough is. Sickness is just one sign that the body is stressed out and is telling a person that he or she needs to rest. Apathy is another sign of too much mental stress.

There are several ways of eliminating stress or at least keeping it at a minimum. One is to remove the main cause of stress, and the other is to relieve the symptoms of stress. Targeting the main cause of stress is the best way to permanently eliminate it and prevent it from recurring.

If a person is stressed out from traveling from home to work, he can eliminate the stress by moving to a place near his office or find work that is near his home. But if for one reason or another, this cannot be done, what he can do is to make the traveling less troublesome by doing something that can give him pleasure while traveling like listening to music. Here are other ways to minimize stress:

Remove clutter at home. Coming home to a clutter free house can give a person time to relax instead of cleaning up. It is also visually and mentally relaxing. A clutter free home is also a reflection of a person’s mental state, which in turn influences the mind to be free of ‘trash’ thoughts.

Meditate. There are many ways of meditation depending on which type you want to do. All you need is a quiet, clutter free corner and you are all set. You can also put on soothing music if you want. Deep guided meditation focuses on breathing in the good and breathing out the bad. It can help you sort out all the things in your head and give you a fresh perspective.

Get a massage. Stress causes muscles to bunch up and tense, which aggravates it even more. Massage can relax those muscles and get you revved up for the following days.

Whatever ways needed to minimize stress, it is important to keep it low in order to have a happy and healthy life.



Danial Hurley is an expert is a health care expert that specializes studies about alternative medicine like meditation, etc.

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