Mind Body Spirit Story

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Mind Body Spirit Story

If people like being self employed, working with people, studying to human mind, and solving their problems, then a career as a psychologist may be for them. In fact, the subject psychology is such a broad field that people can hardly decide what to focus on. A common degree in psychology will allow people to study the connection between human mind, body and spirit. The fact is that, a specific focus allows the psychologists to specialize in a number of different areas within the psychology field. Psychologists skillfully apply their knowledge to a wide range of areas such as health and human services, education, management, law and sports.

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Most general specializations in psychology include clinical psychology, school psychology, education psychology, counseling psychology, sport psychology, criminal psychology and child psychology. Also the less identified psychological specialization is transpersonal psychology. This area of psychology offers a number of challenges and may be an interesting and very rewarding career for evaluating the connection between human mind, body and spirit in various ways. The degree programs of transpersonal psychology integrate psychological concepts, theories and methods with spiritual disciplines. This kind of degree program will allow people to study mystical states of consciousness, spiritual experiences, and rituals as well as states such as psychosis and depression. These specialization programs cover the full range of human experiences, from abnormal behavior to normal and spiritually driven actions.

Transpersonal experiences actually go beyond the limitations of time and space. Therefore, the study of transpersonal psychology dives deep into consciousness studies, spiritual inquiry, the body-mind relationship and transformations. Degree programs in this part of psychology focus on developing an understanding in the background and tradition of transpersonal psychology and its development and evolution. Courses covered by these part of degree programs are broad and varied. They include various topics such as strategies and skills, counseling theories, personality theories, contemporary consciousness teachings, eastern and western strategies for transformation, theories and practice of meditation, cross-cultural counseling, and legal issues in counseling. Common elective courses in this program include art and spirituality, conscious living, conscious relationships, death and dying, grief and loss, eco-psychology as well as hypnotherapy, human sexuality and gestalt therapy.

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An introduction into elite sport, behavioural psychology and Dave Diggle the Behaviour Consultant. This short introduction explains how conditioning the mind is just as important as conditioning the body for athletes and coaches of all sports.
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