Michelle Lea Offers First Ever Holistic Wellness, Massage and Alternative Healthcare Franchise

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Michelle Lea Offers First Ever Holistic Wellness, Massage and Alternative Healthcare Franchise

Michelle Lea began providing massage services in 1998 and has steadily grown to offer a variety of holistic wellness treatments becoming the first franchise business of its kind. Lea responded to a demand for alternative therapy among her clientele and incorporated this aspect of healing by developing what she calls a “grounded” form of non-traditional therapy.


The company has recognized the necessity of therapeutic massage as an alternate means of healthcare recommended by health professionals. “Originally I thought we were doing great with just the massage therapy but after time and allowing the customers to tell us what they were looking for, we grew into more of a health care form.  We’ve even started working with some insurance companies that recognize us as a healthcare facility,” said Lea.


Franchisees have a choice to offer acupuncture, holistic nutrition, yoga, meditation and hypnosis in addition to massage. “We work with doctors, chiropractors and physical therapists, and we see a variety of customers of all ages and backgrounds because we offer affordable alternative healthcare,” explained Lea who says the company is “making history” by working with insurance companies and health care professionals.  “Insurance companies are finally recognizing alternative therapy and we are on the front door of the insurance companies.”


Lea believes one thing that sets her company apart is the fact that she has a history herself of doing the job from folding sheets, answering phones and booking appointments.  “If I were looking to ‘buy’ into a franchise, I’d like to know that the CEO had a history of doing the job and wasn’t just someone with ideas telling franchisees what to do without having the knowledge of what’s behind it,” she said.


According to Lea, good candidates for her franchise system are those who are motivated, people-oriented and have integrity.  “We are looking for prospects that have a strong drive to succeed and can stay focused,” said Lea. “Get the ‘instant gratification’ out of your head and know that in today’s economic times there is no room for quitters.”


The company offers “affordable and realistic” start-up costs keeping in line with its belief that in order to bring affordable healthcare to all, you must offer affordability to franchisees. Covered in the franchise fee are everything needed for start-up including initial training both at corporate headquarters and on-site, the operations manual, and legal contracts. Royalty fees cover items such as ongoing support and marketing materials.


Michelle Lea Massage Therapy is on the U.S. Small Business Association (SBA) Registry and benefits from SBA financial assistance programs that make the process of obtaining financing easier for franchisees. New franchisees can be up and running in as little as 45 to 90 days according to company management.


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