Meditation through Breathing

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Meditation through Breathing

Treat Yourself with Simple Meditation Exercises and Practices


We tend to think of meditation as very complex and that it consumes a lot of time. But what we really don’t know is that meditation can be very simple – here are very easy meditation exercises and practices you can choose from.

This type of meditation enables you to focus on the rhythms of your breathing. You may start by becoming aware of the air that is travelling along your nostrils, and onto your windpipe as it starts to fill up your lungs with very refreshing and life-giving air. You may do this more efficiently if you hold your breath for a very short period of time and then exhale. Never fail to notice the air as it fills your lungs and exits your body. Imagine all the toxicities and negativities in your body, exiting with the air you exhale. Try to practice this very simple routine until you make this your daily habit.

Meditation through Walking

This is a very easy type of meditation. In meditation through breathing, you can do the routine with closed or opened eyes but with this meditation exercise, you would definitely need to open your eyes! This exercise does not need you to look for a very quiet place to walk through – it may be a busy place or street, a park, or beside a lake. What is really important is that you focus and put your mind directly on the experience. Start by noticing the sensation of walking. Give time to notice the experience of walking on the different parts of your body. Pay attention to the sensations such as what the ground or the pavement gives to your feet. Also, give time to recognize other things in your surroundings as you stroll around the area. Begin noticing the various things that you are seeing – the buildings, the plants, the colors and sounds. The more attention you provide with these, the more you’ll notice them.

Meditation through Binaural Beats

This has been considered as a modern meditation practice. This needs a specially recorded binaural beats meditation track that may take your brainwaves down to a very meditative state.

Regardless of which form you do, the key to reaching the benefits of meditation is correct practice. So learn thoroughly and experience deep serenity.

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Danial Hurley is an expert is a health care expert that specializes studies about alternative medicine like meditation, etc.

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