Meditation Memorizing Multiple Lives – What, Reincarnation Meditation?

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Meditation Memorizing Multiple Lives – What, Reincarnation Meditation?

In all my studies of Mysticism, Metaphysics, Philosophy, and the spirituality of all kinds nothing ever comes close to when I found reincarnation a reality. It Was a hard pill to swallow but once understood seemingly anyway it is an altogether different story.

You never really know anything is real or not unless you have direct experience. However, we do have the ability to collect our direct experiences from the past and make natural conclusions in probability and deduce from reasoning a common understanding of reality.

Memory and Meditation are in so many ways connected. Life as we know it is a collection of our experiences based on perceptions from our senses. An ongoing process that continues until we die. There are ways to make improvements easier and quicker with the added plus of being twice as effective.

Improving our experiences and our memories of those experience as well.What is more amazing is the achievements of those who have devoted a lifetime of energy and effort and with result. What they in turn discover and record in their science-journals is nothing short of a phenomenon.

For 23 years I have been studying Mysticism, Metaphysics, and spirituality as a science and/or art of causing change to occur in conformity with will. This Will is not a want or desire but that of what St. Augustine terms as the Greek philosophy of Thelema. You can find a more detailed version of this philosophy in one of my other articles. This is about the grade adeptus exemptus and the practice of which you demonstrate a full mastery of the mechanics of the memory and brain.

All throughout the first 6 years of arduous and ardent study and practice of ceremonial mysticism(magic), I had no problem with any of the science behind the metaphysics of it; except this one thing, Reincarnation. I just could not force myself to fully appreciate or *Believe* without any logical proof that this was a truth of how things are to work. This was a pretty big deal really. I fully understood all the ramifications of energy and patterns of nature recurring in the placements of said energy yet just could not in strong faith and firm resolve say out loud “Yeah, I was once an elephant named Babushka in my past life.”

Keep in mind that there are some really profound and interesting disabilities which represent a spark of just how powerful our brains really are. Things like Dyslexia,Autism, and many other illnesses surrounding the brain which the person can demonstrate a almost impossible ability to count a huge amount of things in seconds accurately or recite entire books of text after one hearing exactly.

Now also keep in mind that quantum physics of certain kinds deem that no amount of energy once sparked can dissipate completely into a nothing. Simply put, once you are conscious you cannot become unconscious. Not in the way people think. Once you have existed, the things that you have come into contact with are affected by your existence and cannot be undone. This is a perpetual law of dynamics that is irrefutable. Spirit(consciousness) works in the same way. Nature wastes no particle of dust whatsoever. Every atom is accounted for and placed properly on her web of existence.

It is often said, from life long botanist in scientific research, those that kept many gardens (with great care) throughout their lives, that after generations of flower, eventually they will come across the EXACT flower again. Same marking in the same place, same life span and tendencies, things that only a seriously scientific and observant gardner would notice.

Then after having much trouble reconciling the fact that every single thing no matter how phenomenally unreal it may have seemed, no matter it all made perfect sense with this one very large exception. Reincarnation while not out of the question but just unlikely to me due to my own pragmatic and skeptical way of thinking. Then I came across the practice of an adept. Wow, was I ever blown away. Most of what I was introduced to was a marvel in just about every respect, but this was just resplendent, profound without mercy.

Inside the Order of the Golden Dawn there is a test in which the person must go into a room and sit down in a chair and begin to remember everything backwards. If done correctly it catches momentum of its own and goes into a rewind like state. In order to pass this test the adeptus exemptus must remember everything in reverse as far as up into the womb of his mother and beyond traverse light and time and into past lives.

This was the end result of a very long and arduous practice of training the mind to learn and process things comprehensively backwards. To read, write, talk, hear, listen to music, films, and just about everything you could imagine backwards. This is difficult and structured in such a way that forces the brain to reconcile with its owner. The example given was: Not ” Here I am” as ‘am I here’ That would be incorrect and what your brain would constantly be trying to do to make it easy the correct way of saying and/or hearing this would be: ‘Ma I ereh!’

This process was extreme and very deep. The whole ordeal is relatively simple in nature. The idea that our brains work in a lateral direction, or in any direction whatsoever is natural but unnecessary. The thing is our brain should work in any direction that presents itself. This is basically tapping parts of the process that our brains go through and rearranging it the way we want. It seriously opens up a whole new level of cognizance.

So after a year or so of proper training the adept is ready then goes into a room as instructed by his master and sets to meditative retrospect. If trained properly it is not difficult. After the process goes through a certain stage which is different for everyone the brain itself catches on to like a gear of some kind. Kind of like a rollercoaster when it clicks onto the chain on the track. What happens is the process continues on from its own momentum. It was prescribed before the invention of Video tapes(VCR) and other similar recording devices but from what I gather it is very much like hitting the rewind button while the film is still playing. It will go fast and in complete reverse.

Now it is said that the brain actually retains every single moment in your life but that you are not able to access it. So you have all your memories ‘On Tape’ so to speak in your brain. The brain is a truly magnificent piece of work and if you could learn to get full control of it there is no limit to what you may achieve in life. What the adeptus exemptus goes through is nothing short of amazing. Apparently the brain goes into this state naturally and connects to the thread upon the loom of life which your soul is tied to. The web of existence itself is revealed though in ways which are not easily related or communicated to others.

So it is that the student then remembers being born and then into the womb and beyond. Traverse the filaments of light and transcending reason as we know it by our senses. This was enough for me to reconcile the whole re-incarnation factor as a reality. However, this does not mean that those people who claim they were once Helen of Troy are right. In my opinion I still believe that they have lost their bucket so to speak. My understanding is that people who have actually done this sort of thing are exceedingly rare and chances are they are not riding the bus with you. Plus they ‘Keep quiet about what they have learned.

Please try to understand that this was practiced throughout the history of nature with complete and total secrecy for many reasons. After what happened to Jesus, Buddha, Plato, Socrates Mohammed, & Allah,as well as many of the saints can you blame them.

I had some reservations as to whether or not to share this but in the end it is public information now. So I see no harm in writing this article. I also understand that maybe twenty people will read this and seriously doubt that most will finish it through to the end. However, if any of you do finish; I would like to apologize for the rant and any disorder of information.I would also like to say: Thank you for your time and I hope it was not too dreadful of a read. I edited many lines and still ended up with a decent length. Hope this was at the very least interesting.

Meditation is a very powerful thing geared towards one of the most powerful organs. Our Brain is an incredibly powerful and amazing thing that we still know little about in truth. Sure we have come a long way but science still has a lot of catching up to do. Especially in regards to maturity, that comes with age.

More things are possible than you could ever know and it is all hidden inside our minds.

Learn to let your soulfy Free with Meditation, Music, Relaxation techniques that work amazingly well.–> Meditation is key to shedding some light on The Unexplainable. If you are interested in more about things of this nature I also keep blog @

There are more things possible than you could ever know and it is all hidden inside our minds. Meditation is key to shedding some light on The mysteries of life. Check out an excellent site dedicated to Meditation & The Unexplainable. If you are interested in more about things of this nature I also keep blog @

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