Massage Tips For Athletes

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Massage Tips For Athletes

Fitness over 40? Impossible, you think? Well, think again. As you get older your metabolism slows down. A lady over 40 is faced with a reduced metabolic rate. This metabolic decline basically starts in her mid 30s. There are three prongs to fitness over 40. It’s all about diet, exercise and massage chair care.

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It does not have to be this way. If you can handle a little tough work and have a little determination, a lady can keep the figure that she once had not too long ago. Now, let us not think this just applies to girls. Men, as well, can experience a little excess weight when they hit their 40s.

Too much high calorie intake only adds to the mid-life tire. Don’t make a contribution to the bulge by eating the incorrect foods. Balance your diet and eat meals consisting of more vegetables and fruit and just a little of everything else.

Protein should come in the shape of nuts, lean meats, fish, and so on.

Movement, not always exercise, is the key in this. Try just moving your arms and legs, stretching, deep breathing. You have got to use your body. Use it or lose it!

Get masses of exercise. You do not want to become a work out maniac. When you have that accomplished, you can devise an action plan that you are probably going to stick with.

Massage treatment is the missing link between exercise and diet. The muscles get worked out but then have to bear a healing process as they reconstruct. Massage care helps to keep the muscles adaptable while reducing excess toxin build ups.

the majority over 40 do not think to add massage treatment to their routines. The main reason is convenience. It provides unique convenience as it is available when you’re. Massage chairs offer a number of treatments can help improve your flexibleness, range of motion and angle.

Massage chairs have a variety of treatments as well as massage care. You’ll find heating elements, stretching systems and even music players. You can apply heat to express areas of your body to reduce swelling and increase blood flow. Raise your range of motion with a lower body stretch.

Fitness over 40 does not need to be all bad. Get your diet right and balance your nutrition. Exercise your body and get it in shape. Bring your fitness full circle with a massage chair to get your muscle soothed and relaxed for your next work out.

in addition to the above suggestions both males and females of all ages, but particularly over the age of 40 should exercise approximately four to five times per week for 30 minutes at a time to keep their bodies fit and their weight optimal.

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