Marketing with Twitter – How to Capitalize on the Popularity of Twitter’s Followers

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The big error being made here is some folks think that social media (Twitter for example) is just a different form of marketing. A sort of a 140 character billboard that they can scream ‘Buy Me’ or ‘Check this out!’ from. Oh help us!

As we have said elsewhere on this blog, you have to bring value to the table to create a rational exchange that the other person desires, if you’re ever going to sell them anything.

People value friendships and human interaction whether that be physical or virtual. Today, people will take the suggestions of their friends and that means you have to offer value for people to want to follow you, first.

In the early days of the Twitter explosion, a great number of ‘automated tools’ came up. These created accounts that were only setup to sell. This caused what is called, churn. That means that even as Twitter added new people, it was losing old ones.

Today, you grow “real” followers by giving something of value away. We don’t mean your super-duper coupon (not usually anyway). That may be of value to you, but remember your new twitter friend might not be sold that your super-duper deal is a deal they want.

So, what do you give away? Instead of personal (and too often, stupid) tweets all the time, how about news on a specific topic? Topics that are relevant to your business and that your potential customers would find value in. You don’t have to personally write all the articles yourself. One way to come up with a list of relevant articles you may want to tweet about is to subscribe to Google Alerts. As you continue to add real value you will naturally find you niche in the Twitterverse, with real people.

It is only after your followers “know” you that you let them know what you do to justify your $$ existence on the planet. Don’t be pushy. If you do XYZ, there is a % of folks that are either directly interested in XYZ, or know someone who is interested. It’s that simple.

In the world of social media, how you do twitter (facebook, linkedin, yada-yada) requires having your brain turned on, and using some utilities to leverage your time and effort. Today, the “slow-hard” approach is the fastest and longest lasting.

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